Chapter 4

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You felt more confident after learning self-defense. Being able to protect yourself came with plenty of benefits, that and you hated being the damsel in distress.

Though it frustrated you that training didn't cause you to gain any muscle, which would have been preferable to your current stick arms. You would have liked to come off as more... intimidating. Well, you supposed androids weren't specifically meant for combat, unless they were told to do so. They were more docile than anything, as they were made mostly for domestic purposes and some other... chilling activities. Unless they deviated, then they could become hostile.

Anyways, you were lounging on the couch, silently hoping something interesting would happen. Such as, maybe someone would try and break in so you could bash their skull in? Or even better, Conner and the Lieutenant would just get back already! Seriously, they were gone for, what, eight hours now? Must have been a seriously long case or something happened to them.

Thinking about the latter made your gut twist, so you tried to dismiss the idea to little avail. Then ten minutes passed, your worry growing to new levels. You chewed the corner of your sleeve, anxiously waiting.

Then the door was swung open after the familiar jingle of keys.

"We're back... finally," Hank groaned, shoulders slouched and clothes disorderly, more so that usual.

"What happened? You look like you just came back from wrestling someone and you lost," you blurt. It sounded better in your head, but sounded ridiculous out loud.

"Not that far off. We were chasing after a deviant Android," Hank collapsed on the couch besides you, "Managed to tackle them, get em back to the station."

"Cool," you say. Although you were still worried about the two. And mildly annoyed at their late arrival.

"Lieutenant," Conner, who had been standing by the doorway, look mildly peeved when Hank grabbed a bottle of alcohol from one of his stashes, "You should be resting, not intoxicating yourself."

"Yeah, yeah, mom," Hank proceeded to gulp down about a fourth of the bottle.

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