Chapter 1

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(Y/N):Phew! I finally got to this place

I said as I rested from running all the way through the Snake Way,after a long way I could reach the planet that Kami and King Yemma had said

(Y/N):So this "King Kai" must be here,I hope he can help train me

???:It seems that I have a visitor

I turned to see a short person behind me

I turned to see a short person behind me

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(Y/N):Oh! you must be King Kai!

King Kai:That's right,I knew you would come here to train

(Y/N):Wow seriously? And you already know what will happen to Earth?

King Kai:Well,I can only say that you have a serious problem at hand,the person you are going to face is the princess of all Saiyans

(Y/N):P-Princes of all Saiyans? I've heard of King Vegeta but I never knew that he had a daughter,is she really powerful?

King Kai:Yes she is,she will be accompanied by another Saiyan named Nappa,he is not as strong as the princess but do not underestimate him,he is much more powerful than Raditz

(Y/N):And I only have one year to train,King Yemma mentioned that you can help me train

King Kai:That's right,I was going to give you a test to convince me to train you...but I think it is a very dangerous time for your planet so I will train you right now

(Y/N):Thank you very much King Kai!

King off your clothes


King Kai:This planet has a very high gravity for you,that is why you have not yet risen from the ground,take off your heavy clothes so that you are more comfortable

(Y/N):Less awkward

[Timeskip-Several Months]

It had been several months since I arrived on the planet of King Kai to train for when the Saiyans arrive

During my stay in this place I have learned many techniques such as Spirit Bomb and the Kaioken which are extremely powerful techniques,now I was just waiting for the Saiyans to arrive

(Y/N):So you don't have anything else to teach me?

King Kai:No,I'm sorry but those were my best techniques to say that you learned my techniques very fast,you impressed me

(Y/N):Heh you can say that the Saiyans are very powerful when it comes to creating or learning techniques,me and Goku learned many techniques when we were kids

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