Chapter 1

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Heres the first chapter I hope you like it :)

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Chapter 1

(Beep Beep) I got woke up by my alarm and the sun shining through my purple velvet curtain. The sun-light shined through them in a way that made lights, which could only be described as rainbows as it reflected off of the cream walls of my room. The colours always put me in a good mood, these colours that only appeared in the early winter light. This good mood never lasted very long when I looked over at my alarm clock, it was Monday 26th October and also the start of the school week, this was the first thing of the day that brought on what I call, my blue mood. I got up from my bed with a grunt of disappointment and made my way to my bedroom mirror, which you can see from every angle of the room. Sitting on the wall with its huge black metal frame that curved like vines in a rain forest with black leafs curving off of the black vines. As I looked in the mirror I let out a big sigh, from sleeping my eyes were puffy and my hair a mess. My eyes where usually a midnight blue outlined with a dark green, almost black circle that framed the iris of my eye. My hair sparkled like chestnuts with hints of dark red like cherries in the summer.

"Faith" the sound travelled up the stairs to my room. I gave another grunt then headed across the hall to the stairs. As I got to the top of the stairs, the smell of my favourite food hit me. Sweet pancakes this brought another smile to my face, then the smile disappeared as I reached the bottom of the stairs the dreaded white clock was sitting on the table to the right side of front door. Sure its handy if you forget the time but it only reminded me that it wasn't long until I had to get in my car and make the journey to school. I know at that moment that this smile would not last much longer, with that though I gave another sigh and turned the corner to the kitchen. As I turned into the kitchen I saw my mum serving pancakes on to plates. As I entered the room she gave me one of her big welcoming smiles, I gave a forced smile back as I made my way to the kitchen table to sort my bag out for school. I looked a-lot like her apart from her hair was lighter than my hair, also she wears her hair down and straight where I have mine tide back in a ponytail with a fringe. We both have blue eyes but her eyes do not have the dark circle around the iris like mine. I finished putting my school books - which had doodles all over them - in to my old black and blue duffle bag.

"Morning Faith, I made your favourite" mum said cheerfully while placing the pancakes on the circular pine dining room table.

"Thanks mum" I said as I sat down at the table. As I started eating Aiden came into the kitchen. I always tease him by calling him a giant even though he is only just over six foot or something. He is also really skinny so that must be why he looks taller; He has short black spiky hair and light brown eyes. I guess he's an okay step dad even though he teases me for being short, which I am not I'm average height.

"Morning Sunshine, morning Faith" he said before going over to mum and giving her a kiss. Sunshine is his nickname for mum he says it's because she's always smiling I just think it's weird, everyone else just calls mum Emma.

"Okay eww, can you stop, people are trying to eat here." I said in a moody tone while playing with the pancake I haven't finished and the only reply I got was laughter and giggles, well at least they stopped I guess. "Anyway I better get going to school, bye" I said while picking up my bag and walking out the door.

"Bye Hun, Have a good day at school" I heard mum and Aiden say from the kitchen. With mum and Aiden saying this just made me think how much I wished the day was over already and it hadn't even started. I looked back at the house and though how much I loved where we lived it wasn't a busy road and it wasn't too quiet. I have lived here with mum since I was three, mum meet Aiden not long after we moved in and we have been here ever since. Our house is quite modern only about 20 years old the windows are huge with a black boarder that sits on creamy white walls also sitting on the walls is wooden chestnut colour door. Luckily I don't have to take the bus to school anymore. Aiden and mum brought it for me on my seventeenth, a blue ford mondeo 1997 it's far from the best car in the world but I like it. It has a dent in the side where I crashed into a lap post on my first attempted at getting my driving licence, I finally managed to pass on the third try. After climbing into my car I started the engine. Out of the corner of my eye I saw something moving, in the forest we lived across the road from - you couldn't really see anything in there because the tree's still where full with crispy brown leafs - After looking again and not seeing anything, I shook it off thinking that it was probably a fox or rabbit. With that though I started driving up the road to the hell hole aka oaks high...

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