Part 4

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** Still sick but im gonna try and write as good as I can ^^ Hope you like it :D **

It was Tyra. I gotta admit it made me kinda relieved, but only for a second.

"Why the heck are you following me?" I spit at her.

She went straight up to my face before whispering;

"To make sure you'll never sing again."


She whistled and some boys came, I reqognized them as seniors.

"Wow tyra, you'll sink so low? I'm never gonna stop singin!" I snapped, trying to sound furious. But the truth was that I was terrified.

"Hah! Let's see if you say the same after this!"

She launched a punch, a weak one so it was easy to stop.

"What the?" She was completely suprised.

"Its not like a comic, I'm not as weak as you want me to be!" I smirked.

"Beat her!" Tyra muttered to the seniors.

"Ehh..." They were hesitating, not sure what to do.

"I paid you so do as I told you! Make it so she won't sing!"

They nodded before one of them stepped forward towards me.

"Bring it on!" I smiled against him, trying not to shake of fear.

He leaped towards me trying to punch me in the stomach. I dodged it easily but then another one came from the side. He managed to punch me in the side.

"Ouch!" I yelled and some of the fear got replaced of fury. Obviously dodging wasn't gonna help. I leaped towards the one who had hit me and sent a punch to his face, and hoped it hit him hard.

"Bitch! You broke my nose!" He yelle while holding to his nose.

"Wow, that was easy." I thought to myself.

I shouldn't have stopped for that second, the first of them who had attackedme grabbed around me, making me unable to move.

"Let go!" I hissed, trying to kick him.

"Not gonna happen!" He laughed.

Then I felt several punches in my stomach, I tried kicking again. It didn't help.

I was about to scream for help, but a voice cut me off.

"Hitting a girl isn't nice."

"Uh oh, let's get outta here!" The guy who was holding me let go and ran away. Leaving me surprised on the ground. I looked back at the mysterious guy who appeard.

"Miss.Rickshawn, I think you know what is gonna happen now, right?" It was the freaking guy who had glared at me on the audition.

I looked at tyra, she stood there looking like she was about to cry.

"What? They were about to attack me to! Don't blame me! Me and Mimi are best friends!"

I couldn't believe my eyes, me and her best friends? She was obviously sweet talking.

"Wasn't it you who paid those guys and followed Miss.Bridgemore?" he was clearly mocking her now.

"Uhm, n-no, I mean..." She stuttered.

"You're out of the audition now."

"What for?"

"For threathening another competitor!"

Tyra glared at both of us before running away.

"Are you okay?" He came over to me and helped me up.

"Yeah, It was only a few punches!" I laughed, but it stinged in my stomach.

"You sure?"

"Yeah, but it would've turned bad if you didn't come."

He looked at me before saying;

"Wanna let me give you a ride home?"

"Uhm, sure?" I hesitated, I barely knew him. But he was a judge and I couldn't make it home, the pain grew stronge for each movement.

We sat in silence as he drove. I was the first one to break the silence.

"What's your name?"

"Bryan Redford. And your's is Mimi Brigdemore?"


"Tell me, where did you learn to sing like that?"

I was a bit surprised by the question, did he mean I that I sucked at singing or that I was good at it?

"Uhm, I've been singing my whole life. Whenever I'm sad I sing a song that matches my mood likewise when I'm happy. So I always go to the piano on school and make up my own songs."

"Wait, you make up your own songs everyday?"

He seemed really surprised.

"Yeah, I just let my voice loose and the words just comes by them self."

"But at the audition you were hesitating, why?"

"Well, first of all it was my first time and second I hate singing in front of people!" I wasn'T wuit sure if I should say this or not. It coulds affect if I won the audition or not.


Again with why? It kinda irritated me. What did it matter to him that I didn't like singing in front of people.

"Well, people tend to laugh at me." I said people, I didn't want to be specific about one person.

"Laugh at you? I can'T under stand why people would laugh at you!"

Now it was my turn to ask why.

"Why not?"

"There aren't many people who can sing like you! Less can control emotions like that!"

Wait! Did he just compliment the way I was singing? I thought he was the kind of guy who didn't compliment.

"You better like that compliment, cuz it isn't gonna come often." he smiled like he had read my mind.

After a few minutes of silent driving, we arrived at my house. He said good bye to me before he drove away. I went inside and in to the kitchen, desperate for some food and water. I swallowed 4 pieces of bread and 2 glasses of water like it was nothing and felt stuffed. I went upstairs to my room and looked at my phone.

Missed Calls:

Brigella (10)

Oh great! Now I was going to get bombed with questions. I dialed her number, it rang one time before someone picked it up.

"MIMI!!!! Why haven't you answered!!!!" She yelled in the phone.

"Relax, I'm fine and I forgot my phone home when I had to hurry to the audition. Remeber?"

"Oh yeah, but how did it go?"

"I don't know."

"I think you passed!"

"Well he gave me a ride home." Oh no, I shouldn't have said that.

"WHAAAAAT? Spit out!" Brigella demanded.

"Well on the way home Tyra was being a bitch and brought some guys to beat me up. And Bryan helped me out of it and offered a ride home. And complimented my singing."

"Then its official you won the audition!" She cheered in the phone.

"We don't know yet, but im tired now. Good night."

"Good Night, future pop star"

I couldn't help but laugh at the last sentence she said before I went to sleep. Dreaming about being a popstar.

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