Part 3

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I took some deep breaths and calmed myself down. This had happend way to fast, and now I was standing before 4 judges. There were 2 females and 2 males, and when I looked closer the youngest of the males was glaring at me. I didn't get to look much before the oldest man probably in his 50s spoke.

"You can start singing."

"Yes." I answered before I swallowed. When I opened my mouth nothing came out, my voice was frozen. It wouldn't come out, no matter what I did. I felt my knees shake, I couldn't screw up now!

"Is something wrong Miss.Bridgemore?" The old man spoke again.

"Erm, this is my first time so I'm just really nervous." I punched myself in the head for saying something stupid like that and blushed slightly. The man who had glared at me yawned bored, he probably thought I couldn't sing.

"Just think that you're alone and we're not here." The blonde female judge said smiling.

"Okay, I'll try." I said while forcing a smile on my face.

I closed my eyes and calmed myself. "They aren't here!" I said in my head. I opened my mouth again and let my voice loose. It wasn't frozen anymore, it was flying out of me. I couldn't help but start smiling with the song, I had choosen a happy song to not sound depressed, and I hoped that I did the right choice.

Mystery Guy POV -

She stood in front of us slightly shaking. And it looked like she had trouble with her voice.

"Is something wrong Miss.Bridgemore?" Lewis asked.

"Erm, this is my first time so I'm just really nervous." She blushed and looked really uncomfortable."Probably another chick that can't sing or is to nervous." I thought to myself and yawned. She really looked like she could sing but I guess I was wrong.

"Just think that you're alone and we're not here."Erika smiled to her. Nice as always to the newcomers but we all knew that nervous people like her would storm out that door as soon as possible.

"Okay, I'll try."She smiled but it looked like she had forced it on herself, but what did I know?She closed her eyes before opening her mouth again, this time her words came out.

I had heard that song before but not with such strong emotions. She controlled the emotions with her voice, that was unsual to have when you haven't trained your voice. It was beautiful, it filled the whole room with happiness. And I couldn't help but smile, me SMILE!? I were usually the one that didn't smile! She had potential, more than potential. She could overcome most of the singers that already existed.

She was the right one!

Mimis POV -

When I finished the song I noticed that all of them sat and smiled. But it wasn't a mocking or evil grin like I thought it would be. They smiled of pure happiness, so hopefully I did well. Even the scary glaring man was smiling but he put that smile of his away pretty quick.

"Well Miss.Bridgemore, you did very well on your first audition" The old man smiled at me.

"We will contact you in the next few days. But please wait in the hall until we give you another message." The brunette female said.

"Okay." I nodded before I left out the same door I came from.

"Well Well, look who's here. Isn't it Miss.Loser" a voice laughed.

"Nice to see you too Miss.Slut!" I snapped at Tyra, not in mood to seg her now.

"Shut up! Don't think you stand a chance against me!"

"Im pretty sure I can!"

"Haha! With that emo style of yours they're gonna say no right away!" She laughed again before walking in to the judges.

"Bitch!" I muttered before finding a place to sit.

We all ended up sitting several hours before we got the message to go home. When I say several hours I mean 5 hours!!! How the heck can they hold us there for so long then just send us home!? I stomped annoyed out of the building heading home. It was already dark outside and I was super hungry, I hadn't eaten since the small bread I took before running to the audition. I was actually more furious than annoyed, but maybe it was like this on every audition.

I took a small shortcut home through an alley (A/N Oh, im so creative XD) when I noticed someone following behind me. I wasn't the person to be scared and I knew self-defence. I turned around and thought "Bring it on" in my head. But the person who stood there was non other than...

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