Part 2

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**Hey its me again :D Hope you like the story so far :D And again I'm sorry for spelling mistakes D: My grammar isn't on its top right now. Hopefully I'll improve :D**

"What do you want Tyra?" Brigella shoved me behind her as she talked.
A girl cam infront of the door, her face covered with way to much make up and clothes that looked like they were to small for her. She brushed through her hair before answering.
"Nothing much, just gonna let you know that my offer still stands. You can leave these losers and be popular like you should be." Tyra shot a glare in my direction.
"That's up to me to decide who I think is losers and not."
"Well whatever, you can come and join when you get sick of these freaks, you too Matt" Tyra smiled and gave him a little wink.
"I'll pass!" He said in a disgusted voice and looked away. She turned bright red, she wasn't used to people looking away from her. I had to use all my strenght to keep my laugh in, I loved when people talked back at her.
"Shut up you bitch!" Tyra snapped at me before turning around and walk away.
"Wait Tyra!" Tyra's so called friend ran after her like a trained puppy, that made us all burst out in laughter.
"I'll rather be in the weird gang than hers!" Brigella laughed.
"Same here!" Matt laughed, Lizzy was standing right next to him still laughing even though it looked like she didn't know what was so funny anymore.

"Before I forget it!" Brigella snapped out from her lauging.
"Your audition is tomorrow!" She smirket at me.
"What!? No way!" I started pouting again, I wasn't ready for this yet.
"Oh come on! I already said you don't have a choice! Maybe I'll treat you next time we go to Mc Donalds" She smiled and started pushingf me out the door.
"I'll do it but I'm so going to hate you after this!"
"Yeah, Yeah... Now go home and practise your voice." She smiled and pushed my out the music room. I sighed as I started to go home, sometimes I wondered how the heck we became friends. She was the totally opposite of me. But still, she was funny to hang out with and we always had something to talk about.I locked myself into our empty house, of course there wasn't anybody home yet. My mom always worked to the evening and my father was out on an a long trip with his job.

I ate some dinner before I ran upstairs. I was starting to feel nervous, I didn't want to make a fool of myself at the audition. I was still wondering if I should go to it or not. If I didn't go I was sure Brigella and the others would kill me. I sighed and practiced with my voice and found a good song that I could sing. I practiced nearly the whole evening before I fell asleep on my bed, exausted.

~~Next Day~~
I woke up to my phone ringing, and I stretched my arm to grab it.
"Who is it?" I yawned.
"Where the heck are you?" Brigella shouted in the other end.
"I'm in my bed, where else should I be?"
"Didn't you get my message yesterday? Its only an hour till the audition starts!"
"WHAT? When did you send that message?" I was yelling now.
"11 p.m. Why?"
"I was asleep then, I was exausted after practising the whole evening!"
"Well at least hurry up and get your ass over here!"
"I'm on it!"
I hurried out my bed and threw som clothes on me, and ran the fastest I could out the door. I didn't even have the time to eat.

"I made it"
I stood panting by the doors to the audition. I still had 10 min to get my breath back. That was really close, if Brigella hadn't woken me up I would still been sleeping.
"There you are! Hurry up! They are starting!" Brigella came running and dragged me into the audition I didn't want to go on.
"Don't pull on my jacket so much!" I complained.
"Oh shush! Just follow me, you're up next!"
"Yeah, it was a shock to me to but you just have to do it now!"
She pushed me inside an open door and closed it. I was so confused, everything happend to fast right now. I heard someone cough behind me and I turned around.
"Miss Bridgemore?" A deep voice asked.

**Kinda lost motivation on the end D: I'll try and make a better part tomorrow :D**

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