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chapter thirty-four; Just For One Day
We're fraternal twins, not siamese ones. "

  TENSIONS STILL RAN high in the Potter-Black household, but things had quieted down significantly

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  TENSIONS STILL RAN high in the Potter-Black household, but things had quieted down significantly. Due to how each pair of siblings had been behaving, it was James and Madeline who were lucky enough to be stuck with the situation of sharing a bedroom.

  One would think Euphemia and Fleamont would pick their biological children to have separate rooms, especially when considering the pair of sister and brother instead of two brothers. But, in any other situation, Madeline would've had to be given her own room, and they were the only two Euphemia or Fleamont felt comfortable forcing to live together.

  So, they did.

  With a lot of finagling, Madeline's spacious bedroom had turned into hell. James claimed half, instead of opting for a bed he'd requested a futon that also served as a place to collect his clothing. James wasn't exactly dirty, his half of the room just grew to be disorganized before Madeline's did, which irritated the girl beyond belief.

  So, at the beginning of July, she'd begun spending her nights elsewhere.

  "I'm going to Lily's," Madeline announced, hurrying down the staircase whilst trying to sling her bag over her shoulder.

  "Since when are you hanging out with Lily?" James questioned almost angrily, standing from the sofa.

  "Since forever," Madeline brushed off, circling into the kitchen and grabbing a muffin. "Why do you care?"

  James pursed his lips, a sudden arrogance coating his exterior. Madeline grew weary as James slicked back the side of his hair, his cockiness both worrying, and irritating her.

  "We went out last week."

  "That's disgusting."

  "Oh, you're one to talk," James said angrily, dropping his act, "Snuck out of our room recently?"

  "No, but now that you mention it. . ."

  James turned red in anger, Madeline half-expected steam to start pouring out of his ears. She'd tip-toed around James, avoided Sirius, and done everything to not cause waves in the house the past weeks. But nothing seemed to be enough for James, and she was sick of trying to mend something James obviously did not want to fix.

  "Dad said drop it," Madeline said, losing her amusement.

  "Dad did not!"

  "That's basically what he said."

  "Did you say you're going to Lily's?" Sirius questioned, appearing on the staircase. Madeline turned, freezing for a moment to just look at him. 

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