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chapter five; Accidental Hellebore
Your brother's an idiot. . . "

  MADELINE WAS EXCITED about the first trip to Hogsmeade

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  MADELINE WAS EXCITED about the first trip to Hogsmeade. She, Bluebelle, and Kai had a tradition of going for butterbeer on the first weekend, for the last two years, the three were dedicated to make it a long-standing one.

  All she had to do was get through her last class on Friday, which just so happened to be Potions with the Gryffindors.

  Professor Slughorn had asked them to get into pairs so they could create a Draught of Peace for today's lesson. Madeline was glad it was a simple thing, no essays or ridiculous concoctions.

  Just a simple Draught of Peace.



  Madeline looked up from her parchment, finding Bluebelle and Nico standing directly in front of her desk, exchanging awkward glances.

  "Oh, hi—"

  "I'm gonna partner with Kai," Bluebelle announced, winking dramatically as she backed away, laughing at Madeline's blush.

  "Subtle, Belle," Nico laughed, making the blonde stick her tongue out before turning around fully. "So. . . partners?"

  "Sure," Madeline smiled.

  "I don't like that." Sirius looked up at James, who was glaring at Nico Keeler sitting beside Madeline. "At all."

  "You don't like any boy around her," Remus noted lazily from the desk behind.

  "What sort of brother would I be otherwise?"

  "So," Nico spoke up after nearly thirty minutes of awkward silence. He'd been following Madeline's instructions and pretending not to feel the glare of James Potter. "The first trip to Hogsmeade is this weekend."


  Had it been any other class, her full attention would be on the boy beside her. But this was potions. The one class Madeline felt comfortable in, among the cauldrons and towering shelves of miscellaneous ingredients, because she wasn't just good. 

  She was better than her brother.

  "Well," The boy shifted as Madeline carefully dropped the required hellebore into the cauldron. "How about we go for butterbeer?"

  "What?" Madeline looked up abruptly, a soft plunk interrupted their thoughts as the rest of the hellebore sunk into the potion. "Oh, no."

  "We can fix it, yeah?" Nico questioned, peering into the cauldron.

  "Well, not exactly. . ." Madeline tugged the boy back just as the potion began to angrily bubble over.

  Madeline's face was hot as everyone watched Professor Slughorn dispose of the mess she made. The man gave her a short explanation as what she had done, surprised one of his best students had messed up so drastically.

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