Chapter - 1

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chapter 1.

I was new... I was young and I was SO naive and ignorant.

At first, he said he liked me, then he said that he loved me. Now, he said that he adored me... that I was the only one for him... that I was his queen, goddess, and empress...

After a while, I was happy; I really did truly trust and love him.

Then after those happy moments past... he started to change.

At first, it wasn't really something noticeable: he still talked to me, but he didn't say that he loved or adored me anymore. He didn't even say that he liked me anymore.

Usually, some one would ignore these things... but I could tell that something was wrong... that something wasn't right.

I should have known that it was never meant to be. Why was I so stupid!! Why didn't I see it coming!? I know you probably think that what I'm about to do is dumb, but what a girls got to do, a girls got to do.

I'm not telling you exactly where I'm going, but I'm just going to say this... Good Bye... I promise I'll be back, but I just don't know when.

I just want to ask two thing: One- Why does reality suck? Two- Why is life a bi**h (not to mention love)?----------- Sincerely, Jessica   Aka, Jessy

P.s- I'll tell you some thing else that will surely happen.. when I come back, you people won't recognize me because HE wasn't the only one who caused all of this to happen.


~P.O.V- Katie~

I read the note once, twice, then three times. Each time I read it, it hurt me even more than the last time. I would have never guessed that Jessy would ever do this, and I mean it. This doesn't seem like some thing she would do. I began to cry uncontrollably. I must've been crying real loud because my parents came to check on me.

"What's wrong honey?" asked my mom. I wanted to answer her, but I was crying too much and too hard, "Mom J-J-Jessy!" I waved the note at my parents. They didn't get the hint to grab the note. "Mom dad Je-Jessy r-ran-away!!" I said half crying and half screaming.

It took them a while, but they finally got the 'hint.' they yanked the note away from me and they began to read it. When they were done reading it, my mom fell to the floor and started crying real loud, even louder than me. My dad started trembling and shaking, literally. Of course, I was still crying too. I just couldn't believe this was happening.

Now, we really must've been making noise because everyone in the house came to Jessy's room. Every one was right their standing in the door-way looking at us, even HIM.

It was him who started this, its was HIS fault!!


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