Zayn malik one shot

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Warning this is a sad one shot! But hope you like it! :)


He closed his eyes as he felt the breeze brush through his hair, leaving a trail of mist on his face. It was just after dawn and the air was heavy, still clinging onto the moisture of the previous night. He could feel her, wrapping her arms around him as he stood at the top of the hill.


"It's not fair. " he whispered, burying his head in her hair. He'd crammed himself onto the bed with her, despite the nurses warning. She traced patterns onto his back "When is life ever fair?" Her voice was calm and steady, everything his wasn't. He sighed, a small sigh barely audible over the beeping of the various machines in the room.

An hour later, he woke up to the sound of people rushing around. He opened his eyes, seeing a flurry of white coats and people's hands. "She's not stable." "We're losing her." He could barely understand what they were saying, but all too soon, he heard the words he's dreaded hearing the most. "Time of death, 4.25am."


He opened his eyes to see two birds flying in perfect unison. Anybody else wouldn't have given the birds a second glance But he watched them. He watched them fly together until he couldn't see them anymore. It made his heart ache, seeing two beings together like that. It's amazing, the effect losing someone has on you. Suddenly, seemingly normal things become extraordinary. Colors saturate, screaming for attention. Everything becomes fuzzy, a brightly colored blurred out mess.

He sighed, feeling the ghost of her arms around him. "Why aren't you here with me?" he whispered the question to the wind. 'But I am. ' the wind whispered back. His ears could barely pick up the sound, but he heard it. He saw her floating in front of him, hair golden and shining. "I miss you already. " She smiled and reached out to touch his face. He felt it then, the lightest flutter of air against his cheek where she was 'touching' him. Her angelic face turned into a sad smile. Her eyes were different, hollow and dull. Not like her real eyes. The memory of her eyes tugged at his heartstrings. It was her bright green eyes that had first pulled his attention and thus started their love story. 'Is that why you're not at my funeral?' He heard her voice again, the ghostly whisper of it, at least. Guilt filled him then. He couldn't stand to be at her funeral. He couldn't stand to watch her body be cried over and put into the ground. So he'd left. He'd gone to their secret hill, a hill overlooking the city that they'd found together while hiking. He nodded solemnly, looking down at his feet. "I just want to be with you. " Even as he said it, he could hear his thoughts tearing him down. She's dead. She's not coming back. She's gone. . He looked up again to see her before him. She was shining, her body glowing but her eyes told him she wasn't real. Just a figment of his tired imagination.


"Why didn't you tell me sooner?" "Because I knew you'd react this way, and I wanted things to be as normal as possible. " He was pacing the room, his arms folded, fists clenched so hard his knuckles were white. "Oh so you thought you're just keep it a secret from your boyfriend that you were going to die?? How do you think I feel?? I was serious about what I said when I said 'forever'. Ask any of the boys! I was going to propose to you!" He spat out the last words, unable to control his anger. "You.. You were going to propose to me?" Her voice was trembling, tears streaming down her face. A glance at her was enough to calm him down. She still looked beautiful even with tears streaming down her face, hooked up to the various machines around the room. He walked over to her bed and knelt beside her hospital bed. "Yes. Yes I was. I love you. I never want to let you go. " She reached over to hug him, unable to stop the tears streaming down her face. "I love you too, Zayn. " They held each other and cried. Cried with regret for the moments they'd wasted. Cried with fear for the moments to come. Cried with fear of losing each other.


"I dont want to be here without you. " His voice was thick, he was choking back sobs. Her sad smile changed, a strange look taking over her face. 'You don't have to be. ' Her voiced creeped into his ears, carried by the wind. He took a while to understand what she meant. "But. Would it..would it work?" He looked up her, his eyes shining with adrenaline. She didn't answer him, but she floated backwards,further away from the cliff. He looked down at the steep cliff. It was definitely high enough. Looking up at her again, he smiled. "Why didn't I think of this earlier? If you can't be here with me, I'll go to you. " He closed his eyes, feeling the cool wind and hearing the morning sounds for the last time. He would miss it, but he's miss her more if he stayed. He took a step into nothing and soon, he felt her arms around him as he fell. He smiled, hearing the wind screaming at him as he fell further and further. "I'm coming,i'm coming"


let me know what you think, good or bad. :)

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