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Can You Survive Without Me? by litteldippey
Can You Survive Without Me?by Crash_la_Raowl
I got the idea to make this from danplan. This will be Hosuh x Stephen. It's not really a popular ship but ya I like it. Ps: this book will take longer to make because I...
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Star Platinum X Reader (But The Reader Is Pretty Damn Thicc) by Zoruas_Mask
Star Platinum X Reader (But The Rhin™
You were always a thicc girl. Thicc. Like Wicke. You love memes. Hell yeah. But one day, you were enjoying the sunlight and some motherfucking thots appeared. *cue 8bit...
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girls | lil peep by latexloser
girls | lil peepby ⤵︎
goddamn, she said i'm the man | rest easy, the love of my life, gustav elijah ahr
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The twins who lived (yandere!Harry potter boys x reader) {year one} by IcyDagenheart
The twins who lived (yandere! Husk The Drunk Catowl-
You are Harry potters twin sister! What will happen if the twins go to Hogwarts? (I suck at description... sorry)
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Only the Beginning (Naruto Various x Reader) by Umashia
Only the Beginning (Naruto Umashia
(Name) is a girl who wants to protect everybody, and her brother, who has been taken over by an old friend of (Name) 'companion', Laybrinth. She must keep everybody saf...
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Best Books on Wattpad by Sincerely_moe
Best Books on Wattpadby Moe
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Underwater (kiribaku/bakushima) by Chimkin_numget
Underwater (kiribaku/bakushima)by Chimkin numget
This is my first fanfic and I'm dyslexic so spelling is a no-no(don't worry, if I don't know how to spell something I'll look it up) Kirishima POV: I always feel like I...
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Minecraft Roomies Oneshots .w. by xxliv24
Minecraft Roomies Oneshots xxliv24
look there are honestly so little stories about this- and YES I ship ppl of a minecraft series there isnt any stopping me BOIIII >:3
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Pheacker bullshit by Bway_Yeet
Pheacker bullshitby I miss Freddie
A lot of smut you would not BELIEVE
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Addicted To Her(M&M-english version) by AKMM_05
Addicted To Her(M&M-english A.K.
"In the battle of love and loss, it was love that made me struggle to breath" "I fell In love the way you fall asleep: slow than all at once" "I...
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BuzzFeed Unsolved Memes by XXXXXFREAKSHOWXXXXX
BuzzFeed Unsolved Memesby F R E A K
Just The funniest memes of BuzzFeed Unsolved! Highest rankings: #1 in bfu #2 in unsolved #2 in boi #9 in ryan #11 in spirits #13 in shane #17 in ghosts
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Undertale Sin  by gayshippingshit
Undertale Sin by biggay
I think I well right stories idk but it's going to have pictures
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Role Play With My OCs by TheDragonsFriend
Role Play With My OCsby Top Tier Hero
↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ Cover by: Kaitouuu
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𝐑𝐎𝐀𝐒𝐓𝐒  ♡ㅤㅤJEON JUNGKOOK by christaenity
❝where'd you get your shoes from, walmart?❞ in which jungkook roasts a girl he lowkey likes ┃
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diabolik lovers X reader lemon  by HeatherChick5
diabolik lovers X reader lemon by Kokichi-Ouma
lots of smut and lemon
Fem!Various x Fem!Reader (Oneshots) by PurplePaladin69
Fem!Various x Fem!Reader (Oneshots)by TK|0145|LM
Here are some OneShots made out of boredom ^v^ Request any anime, animated, singer, actor and etc. girls you have a crush on! It can be Cute, Romantic, Sad (or sexual )...
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Everyone Loves (Gabriel Reyes x Reader) by Lilly_bug05
Everyone Loves (Gabriel Reyes x I am the real Wheeze
You, yes you, you are the newbie for Overwatch and want to get to know everyone including that edgy guy
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" BABY " ;; 🌹 by HEKSIDI
" BABY " ;; 🌹by °.•*🌹° love,°🎈
Memes by yer_maw
Memesby Becca
U read the title boi
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Bugged (Guzma x Tsundere!Reader) by MaddyisHysteria
Bugged (Guzma x Tsundere!Reader)by Gengar
Alola was not well-known for its fair share of troublemakers. So, when you meet Guzma...things get interesting. (Tsundere comedy included free of charge).
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