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Femboy Storys #1 by Ikaoctopus
Femboy Storys #1by Ika the loli octopus
Femboy stories for your taste.
Underwater (kiribaku/bakushima) by Chimkin_numget
Underwater (kiribaku/bakushima)by Yowhatsu
Kirishima POV: I always feel like I am drowning. In everything. Holding my breath when things get rough, living in isolation, the muffled voice of those on the surface...
Ninjago One-Shots by Kathy_Drawz
Ninjago One-Shotsby Kathy
Little short stories for all my favorite ships in Ninjago :) I do take requests or ideas I mostly would do any ship :3 Hope you enjoy also Art is NOT mine
girls | lil peep by latexloser
girls | lil peepby ⤵︎
goddamn, she said i'm the man | rest easy, the love of my life, gustav elijah ahr
BuzzFeed Unsolved Memes (old + cringy) by LGBTQIA_safety_sheep
BuzzFeed Unsolved Memes (old + Your peepaw Mikey
Just The funniest memes of BuzzFeed Unsolved! Book is solely for fun. Made this years ago when I was a cringy minor who was socially awkward and a bit dumb. I am now an...
Countryhumans Zodiac by IRRITARED-MAJORITY
Countryhumans Zodiacby Sou
This is CH and a Zodiac , basically what each Country thinks about you , now let's do this....ok I'm gonna add more to this
Not The Person I Seem To Be. (Drv3 Post Game Au) by supreMEME_leader
Not The Person I Seem To Be. ( Ken
⚠️NOTE⚠️: at some point in the story, R*pe is mentioned. Although it's censored, I believe the warning should stay. It was made out to be a joke, and that was never my i...
Undertale Sin  by gayshippingshit
Undertale Sin by biggay
I think I well right stories idk but it's going to have pictures
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I can change you (Minsung) by han_Jisung1420
I can change you (Minsung)by Han Jisung_squirrel
"STOP IT, YOU WILL NEVER CHANGE ME!" - L.M.H "I KNOW I CAN! I CAN CHANGE YOU!" - H.J.S A story where Lee Minho, the coldest prince met his littles b...
💜💜Palette x Goth one shots 💛💚 by PlatinumGhost06
💜💜Palette x Goth one shots 💛💚by Draixen
💜💜Poth stories and one shots💛💚 Old and cringe so I'm rewriting most of my chapters and possibly making new ones! ✌👁👄👁 (Cover art not mine, if anyone knows the og...
From A Betrayed Huntsman To A Brutal Spec Ops Soldier by Juggernaut_Infected
From A Betrayed Huntsman To A Juggernaut Infected
Betrayed,Bullied,Tormented,Neglected,Abused Spec Ops 1 Male Reader X/Vs RWBY. Y/n Wasn't Living The Great Life Of All Time. Beaten,Broken,Abused,Betrayed You Name It... ...
𝐑𝐎𝐀𝐒𝐓𝐒  ♡ㅤㅤJEON JUNGKOOK by christaenity
❝where'd you get your shoes from, walmart?❞ in which jungkook roasts a girl he lowkey likes ┃
Addicted To Her(M&M-english version) by AKMM_05
Addicted To Her(M&M-english A.K.
"In the battle of love and loss, it was love that made me struggle to breath" "I fell In love the way you fall asleep: slow than all at once" "I...
Memes by yer_maw
Memesby Boob
U read the title boi
Make Him Bad ✔️ by BangTae_Bwi
Make Him Bad ✔️by S K Y
Being the bad ass and him as the cute and innocent guy. What can happen if you successfully made him bad and he knew you're just playing with him? Will he be broken? Or...
Everyone Loves (Gabriel Reyes x Reader) by Lilly_bug05
Everyone Loves (Gabriel Reyes x I am the real Wheeze
You, yes you, you are the newbie for Overwatch and want to get to know everyone including that edgy guy
Jake Webber Smut by alexlolLOL
Jake Webber Smutby ALEX
I'm writing in this book again. I will take requests. I will not be putting names in here, only Y/N, to make it fair for everyone. I will not be taking request that may...
Star Platinum X Reader (But The Reader Is Pretty Damn Thicc) by callmebabydolluwu
Star Platinum X Reader (But The ✨babydoll✨
You were always a thicc girl. Thicc. Like Wicke. You love memes. Hell yeah. But one day, you were enjoying the sunlight and some motherfucking thots appeared. *cue 8bit...
blonde boy fantasy - lil peep by luverx
blonde boy fantasy - lil peepby
last night you said you saw me in a vivid dream