Chapter 5

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Avems Sign when summoned--->>>> (I know I wrote that it was different than this but I found this picture and thought it was awesome so now that I have that, I will describe it as it is in this photo.)

Just as I had told Fury, I was standing on the Helicarrier but in a transparent form that no one, other than Avem, could see. This is my clairvoyance ability. To use my mind in order to witness events that are happening or a slight glimpse of whats to come.

I glanced to my body that laid seemingly lifeless at Avem's feet. He lowers his head and slides my physical self onto his back with his wing and neck so my body was in a more comfortable position.

"What did she mean by that?" Fury asks with his voice laced with anger. "It was a warning. I suggest you not take it lightly"Avem advises smartly. I cross my arms over my chest and grin at my friend.

"Yeah, I understand it was a threat but I want to know how she expects to scare me." Avem scoffs and looks to me. I flick my hand allowing him to explain.

"Tell me, Mr.Director. Do you believe in out of body experiences?" Fury raises his brow staying silent as Avem continues. "Do you know what clairvoyance allows you to do?" Fury just taps his foot impatiently.

"It projects yourself to a place to watch as something transpires. I guess I should get to the point and inform you that Milady is standing right over there and is listening to this entire conversation." Everyone looks towards my way that Avem pointed out but I chuckle knowing their effort to see me is futile.

"How do we know your telling the truth? And if you are, then why is it that you can see her and we cant?" Natasha speaks up still trying to spot me.

"It matters not if you believe me. And to answer your other question, I am a part of Milady. Thus permitting me to see her even when shes not in her solid form." Everyone still has a look of confusion of their faces.

"Last time she was running out of energy you told her to let you return home and she got better. Why didn't you go back now?" Tony said.

"Being a part of Milady has its consequences and benefits. As such, when summoned, Nyte and I feed off a small fraction of her energy. However, as like normal creatures, we obtain energy on our own as well. So when we return to her, we give her the extra energy we stored. That is why I'm still standing before you. I'm currently using my own power."

This explanation is taking a long time. I sigh tiredly but allow them to get the answers I let them know.

"Are there more like you and your other friend. 'Nyte'?" It was back to Fury. That was when I draw the line. "No, Avem. They mustn't know about your kind. They will only see them as a threat and try to contain them." I say releasing my arms and walking in front of Avem even if the others cant see me.

"That is none of your concern. Our people are our business alone and should you try to discover them behind our knowledge. Milady and I will not hesitate to retaliate against SHIELD." Avem's voice was full of venom with every word he spoke.

"Fair enough. But theres something I still don't understand. If she passed out due to lack of energy, how is she able to use her clairvoyance to watch us?" Fury questions. "Wait....cant she use telepathy? Why wont she just connect with us?" Steve's voice raises up.

"Clairvoyance isn't an ability that needs energy to use. Its more about the power of the mind not the strength of the body. Therefore, making the effort to hold the presence of milady virtually nothing. Same for her telepathy but I believe shes just a little mad and wants to ignore the man that doesn't know when stick to his own buisness."

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