Chapter 4

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Tony grabs his helmet and places it over his head where it locks with the rest of armor. Me and Cap. stay in the back trying to keep balance as Tony hits the control panel, opening the back of the jet. Wind tunnels through the entire aircraft as the storm barrels through from the outside.

Instantly a figure drops to the door of the jet. Golden hair, silver armor, and a large hammer in hand. Wait.....A hammer. Omigod, Its Thor!

I was just about to call him when he throws mjölnir at Tony, sending him back and crashes into me as well as Cap. I only watch as he grabs Loki and takes off with him out of the jet.

"Another Asguardian?" Agent Romanova hollers over the racing wind. "Think he's a friendly?" This time it was Steve. Tony finally gets off me and I have to take a deep breath after having a pure metal man thrown on me. "It doesn't matter. If he frees Loki or kills him, the tesseracts lost." Tony states walking to the edge of the open jet.

"Stark! We need a plan of attack!" Steve calls. "I have a plan.....attack." Tony finishes just before launching himself out of the jet. Dammit, Tony! I mentally facepalm.

I dont hesitate to rush after him. Willingly, jumping from the jet and free falling to the ground at full speed. For a slip second I could hear Steve call my name but it was too late for him to do anything.When the clouds clear and I can see the ground. I concentrate on creating a force with my telekinesis that slows my momentum but due to low energy, still smacks me against the ground at a pretty good force.

"I am a king!" A voice I recognize as Loki's shouts. "Not here! You give up the tesseract, you give up this pointless dream!" This time it was Thor's voice. Climbing up a small rock gathering, I hide behind a boulder to see Loki and Thor in vocal combat.

"You come home." It was Thor again but this time his voice was gentle with a plea to it. Loki gives a small chuckle. "I don't have it." He claims, setting Thor off. He summons Mjölnir from behind him and just about to strike when Loki speaks again. "You need the cube to bring me home but I've sent it off I know not where."

"Listen here, brother." Thor demands. Brother? Since when the hell did Thor have a brother? Actually I guess thats my fault. I didn't touch Thor right of the bat when I met him so I couldnt search through his memories. Although, I should have gotten that from SHIELD's files. I face palm myself. For the smartest girl on the planet I can be seriously dumb at times.

Before Thor can say another word, he's thrown of his feet to the forest that lays just beyond the rock formation. "I'm listening." Loki mocks now that Thor's gone from view. The small moan of the familiar rockets sets me off knowing it was Tony who hit Thor.

"Dammit, you billionaire son of a bitch! Cant you just shut down your stupidity for five mintues!" I holler emerging from the rocks. Loki turn to me narrowing his eyes. "Don't give me that look God of Mischief." I demand with such venom I make him take a single step back.

He doesn't say a word as he sits on the edge of the rocks watching the fight between the two start off. I take a seat next to him. Not one touch of fear hitting me as I take the same position as him.

"Do not touch me again." Thor demands slowly for Tony to understand. "Then don't take my stuff." Stark retorts. "You have no idea what you are dealing with."

Tony starts to look around the now lightly destroyed forest due from the impact of the two men colliding to the ground. "Umm Shakespeare's 'In the Park'?" Tony begins. "Doth mother know, you wearith her drapes?" He mocks quoting the play in the accent and all.

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