Chapter 7

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"Fury! That son of a bitch!" I shout at the top of my lungs. "He knew! He knew about everything!" I was standing strong in the middle of the room with my teeth clenched so tight that they felt like they could break.

"So thats how your connected with this. It had nothing to do with the Avengers but the Tesseract itself." Tony mutters to himself in thought.

Here. On the screen in my hand. Here was my image as an infant with needles dug into my heart and head. "What do you mean?" Banner asks, immediately dropping his tools and moving toward me.

"Guess I'll just read it all." I spit to myself just angry that this was hidden from me.

"Classified: Director Fury access only. Saffire Laceson, age: 3 months, Female, Daughter of Jack and Delyla Laceson; Scientists of Shield. Although preformed without full approval of guardians, has been subjugated to experiments involving knowledge imported from the Tesseract. Conclusion has resulted in high elevation of intelligence. At age 5 she had achieved such a level that created a development in mental abilities. At one occasion she had become unstable and committed unintentional homicide against Jack and Delyla. Later years, she had exhibited in some of the Tesseracts magical ability by creating unphysical contracts with what was believed to be mythical creatures. At current age of 16, she has gained incredible control over her capabilities and has involved herself in the activity of......vigilante services?!"

"Oh. Hell. No! I did not bust my ass off for years of helping the public to be under the status of 'Vigilante'! And I'm completely pissed, no, I'm absolutely infuriated that Nick made my parents do this to me! I'm a damn test subject of SHIELD! Its their fault!!" I cry throwing the small device at the wall where it shatters into millions of pieces.

"'re on fire!" Tony exclaims worriedly, running towards the nearest fire extinguisher.
"He must pay for this!" "It wasn't his right to touch you!" Both my dormant companions exclaim from my chest to my mind. I was about to agree with them 100% but at that point I realized something. Yes, it wasn't Fury's right to do this to me but it was what happened. And now, I can use this gift (if I can call it that) I have to help people. I'll never forgive him for this but I wont seek revenge.

"Calm yourselves. I understand your anger as I feel it myself but getting back at Fury will only stir more madness at this wavering time. We will go home for now, agreed?" I ask back to them as I hear a low fierce grumble yet reply in unison. "As you wish."

"Im going home. Should you run into any agents coming to retrieve me. Tell them I have a Phoenix and Basilisk just dying to come out and play." I say darkly at the two other scienticts. Tony with the canister in hand ready to go but the flames have already resided back into my skin.

"You're not going anywhere. Not without my permission." The voice I DID NOT want to hear reaches my ears. There in the doorway stands the black man that thinks hes god on earth. (Other than Thor or Loki)

I suddenly feel Avem and Nyte's anger rise to a level I've never felt before. The phoenix's fire engulfs me in a protective layer of white flame. (A/N: for those who dont know, when reached at an extremely high temp. fire turns white.)

Nyte's effect comes after, converting my thin flesh in her own thick, impenetrable scales. "Turn it off, Saffire." He demands in a firm tone. "This isnt me." I say as I calm them a little to where barley a flicker of flame is seen over my scales. "Because I dont want to have anything to do with you or SHIELD ever again. So I dare you to try and stop me." I hiss in pure venom.

"By the way Fury. What is phase 2?" Tony's voice is heard in earshot. I hadn't even realized Bruce and Tony had made their way behind a screen looking at other secrets that SHIELD had hidden. Plus, Steves incoming and not in a happy mood.

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