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THE ANNOUNCEMENT OF A SPORTS FESTIVAL WAS UNEXPECTED. To host and event such as this, so soon after the USJ attack? Leaving no time for her and her classmates to recover? It was a waste of time and money, all for the sake of saving U.A.'s pride.

And to have so many people flooding the school's grounds as spectators, she thought, fingers playing with her bracelets, it would be easy for someone to slip in. Disguise Quirks could allow Villains to show up ... Her mood soured as she shook away thoughts of the crusty hand-man with the red shoes and the man that she killed --

Stop it. It's over. They said it was self defense. I'm not in trouble, I'm not going back, stop stop stop! A nauseous feeling built in her stomach, such a stark contrast to the calm she'd felt at the beginning of the day. Judging by the looks on the others' faces, though, it seemed they felt the same way about the upcoming competition.

"Well," laughed Kirishima, breaking the unsettling silence that clogged the room, "might as well eat and make ourselves feel a little better. Am I right?" He stretched and grabbed his bag, before Ashido grabbed his wrist and tugged him towards the door.

"Yeah!" The pink girl pointed at Kendria. "C'mon, Smith, let's try and get the good stuff before all of the upperclassmen take it!"

Blinking, she nodded and gathered her things, joining her friends with one last glance at her uncle. He seemed okay, but then again, can anyone that looks like they walked off the set of The Mummy be okay? She shrugged and reached for the door handle, Kaminari and Ashido chanting "Mochi! Mochi!" behind her.

Their voices trailed off when the door swung open, revealing what looked to be the entirety of the other first years.

So many eyes stared at her, sizing her up. "Um ..." She gulped and stepped back, accidentally crushing Kaminari's shoe. "Excuse me?" The tall boy at the front of the crowd, maybe he's their leader or something, raised an eyebrow, droopy eyes glaring with barely concealed hatred.

Just as she began to fidget, Bakugo appeared at her side. He glared back at the crowd, clicking his tongue. "Get lost, extras." She closed her eyes, suppressing a sigh as cries of outrage rose around her. Looks like the old Cauliflower is back. Waves of embarrassment and shock radiated from her classmates.

"Bakugo --" she began, but the tall boy cut her off.

"Heh. 1-A really is a joke, huh." He reached up to ruffle his already tangled lilac hair. He looked familiar. Perhaps she'd seen him in the hallways, they were in the same year, after all. "I was expecting more, if I'm being honest. But really. This is just ..." The boy shrugged. "Disappointing."

As the two boys glowered at each other, a pretty girl with horns and silver hair stepped in between them. "Hey!" She held her hands out, pale yellow eyes wide. "Both of you need to chill!" Lilac rolled his eyes and shut his mouth, but Bakugo wouldn't let up that easy.

"I wasn't talking to you, freak!" he growled.

"Bakugo, please, for the love of whatever good there is in the world, shut up!" Kendria snapped, eyeing the horned girl. Silver's pupils turned to slits, and red scales began to grow over her dark skin.

The girl's voice was harsher, more cold and grating. "Who are you calling a freak?!" Lilac put a hand on her shoulder, leaning down to whisper something in her ear. The tension in the air was thicker than cigarette smoke, yet just as suffocating. With a heavy sigh, Kendria stepped forward and looked up at the tall boy.

"Look, we're all tired, and we've had to experience things no one should have to see." The whispers stopped as her scar, red and too large to ignore, poked out from beneath her shirt collar. Silver gulped and looked away, as did the others, shame building on their faces as they realized just how dangerous 1-A's situation had been. "So, it would be appreciated if you moved out of the way."

The crowd parted, a few angered looks still thrown at Bakugo as he stalked off. They all watched him go, until a girl with black hair and pale huffed, "You're all insufferable." She rolled her eyes and walked off towards the cafeteria. The rest of the first years trickled after her, until it was just Lilac, Silver, and 1-A standing in the doorway.

"Everyone wants a shot at the Hero Course. Don't get too comfortable," was all he said before he trudged off, Silver following him with an almost apologetic glance over her shoulder. She let out a meek "Sorry" before running after the tall boy.

Uraraka's hesitant voice cut through the confusion still swirling in the air. "So, um ... lunch?" They all nodded, looks of unease passing among them in some unspoken conversation.

We have enemies now.

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