Knocked up PART 3

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  • Dedicated to All them people who have had pricks as boyfriends/girlfriends



I cant believe its happening. Its my first time with this extremely hot guy, and he seems to like me!! HE SEEMS TO LIKE ME!! 

He pulls off my shirt and rips off his own. I stop kissing him and just stare at his naked chest. I've never seen something so amazing. He is RIPPPPPEDD! He has like an eight pack... Not even joking. Its tanned and there is just a small snail trail going down from his belly button. 

"Why did you stop" He asks glaring at me

"Sorry I.." 

"Ok whatever i dont care" He says interrupting me.

He puts his hands tight around my waist and moves me closer to him.

"Lets go into the garden" he whispers in my ear

"The garden? But its cold out there" I say appalled 

"I'll keep you warm" he says. I dont understand. He sounds impatient.. But i thought he liked me?

He practically drags me out into the garden and lays me down on the ground. Its cold and wet but i try not to care. He pulls off his trousers in a rush and i see the huge bulge rising in his boxers. "Thats gunna hurt" I think to myself.

"Your turn" He says staring at me

I pull my trousers off so im just in my underwear. Im so cold im starting to shiver. He lays on top of me and puts his hands down his boxers about to pull it out.

"Wait" I say "Have you got any protection" 

"yeah erm im already wearing it... You just ermmm cant see it?"

I was dumb enough to believe him. 

He starts to tug my knickers down and forcefully shoves himself inside of me. I groan. It hurts so much.. He starts moving up and down and groaning at every jolt i make. Its nothing special. And it hurts like hell. I lay there stiff and cold for about half an hour, letting out the occasional scream now and again. Then his friends come out side clapping and cheering. 

"Well done mate" One says laughing and clapping

He rolls off of me and tugs his trousers back on, leaving me on the ground. I lay there stunned.

"Haha i know mate. Im just so good at pulling birds.. unlike you" he says laughing. He gets up and walks over to his friend. He mutters something to him and walks off laughing

"Hey wait!" i call after him "What about me?" He barely even glances back.

Im so ashamed. "What a slag" i tell myself. 

I pull up my knickers and my trousers and run into the house. I look everywhere for him but cant see him anywhere. I start to cry frantically looking round. Jade catches hold of my arm 

"Lola whats wrong" she asks sounding concerned.

I push past her and run out into the night. I keep on running. Scrathing at myself and calling myself stupid. WHAT A SLAG SLAG SLAGGGGG. My very first time was with the perfect boy.. but i dont even know his name. He didnt care about me.. all he wanted was sex. And i was stupid enough to let him.

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