Knocked up

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I hope you like this story :') Its probably not gunna be very good so bear with me..


"Look at that guy" Shouts my best friend Jade over the blearing music. I look over to where shes pointing and spot a tall hot guy. He looks about 19 and has the most gorgeous face i've ever seen in my life. He must have a girlfriend, or maybe even several. 

"Yeah Jade. He sure is hot. I don't have a chance with him though. Obviously. Look at all the girls surrounding him. All very pretty petite girls."

"None of them look at good as you" Says Jade looking me up and down.

I laugh at my friend. Shes so supportive and i love her for it. But both me and Jade know that i havent got a chance with a remotely hot guy like that. Not in a million years. Its because of the way i look. I have broad shoulders, mousy brown hair and short legs. All my friends always seem to look so much better than me all the time. I am so jealous of some of them with their long legs and gorgeous faces. When im stuck down here. 

"Lola! Stop day dreaming" Jade suddenly shouts. "Come get a drink, this party is starting to get good!"

I walk over to the bottles of vodka and WKD and grab the nearest one. This party is so depressing. Although its full of hot boys, theres unlimited alcohol and the music is amazing, i feel like the ugliest girl in the room. All these girls look so pretty. Im not a patch on any of them. None of these guys would ever want me. The thought of this depresses me ever more so i go to grab another drink. Ive never really drank properly before but im started to feel relaxed. All the horror stories in the news are probably all crap. Im not going to go out and get run over or choke on my own sick in my sleep. I can handle it just fine.

"Jade im going to sit down" I say heading over for the nearest couch

"Don't be such a bitch Lola come and dance with me" says Jade frowning at me

I ignore her comment and go and slump on the couch. Not forgetting to bring a couple of bottles with me. As i sit on the couch, drinking and watching the pretty people dance, i feel like i dont belong. Like an out cast or something. Im 17 years old and ive never even had a proper boyfriend, how sad is that. No man would ever want me anyway so i dont know why im feeling so sorry for myself.

I sit there glowering for the next half an hour. My life is a mess. I drink and drink and drink.  

I look at my watch. Its about 11pm. No where near time to go home yet

"Jade can we go now?" I call across the room. But shes to busy snogging some boy in the corner.

Eurrrrgghhh thats what i hate about Jade. She can get any boy she likes and i can't even get one. Bitch. As i think this i look over to the hot boy Jade pointed out earlier. Hes looking in my direction. I look behind me to see if there is anyone standing behind me. Stupid idea as my eyes meet with the wall. Now i look like a complete prick. Hes laughing at me now, i must be crimson red. I manage to smile at him. He smiles back, says something to his friends and starts to walk over.... ****

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