The Tomb

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I was going home from school at around 7 or 8 at night. It had been a long day and I was exhauted. For some weird reason that I couldn't explain, I felt like someone I loved was close by or in danger. Suddenly, I hear a scream from INSIDE one of the tombs in the cemetary.

Instantly, I knew who it was: Angel!

The one person in this entire world who actually gave a crap about me.  The one person who I loved more than life itself. I han't seen him in a week and there had been a rumor that he had died and I'd been going through depression. (Which was probably the reason why I was walking through a cemetary instead of though the sidewalk like NORMAL people.)   

I knew it was him, I just knew it.

I ran though all of the tombs until I thought Ii hear the thought directly under me.

It had his name on it but didn't have theyear or the day or anything of when he had died. Apparently, I had just discovered that he wasn't even dead.

I had no tools so I had to use my hands to dig up as much dirt as I could. I knew he only had a limited time before he ran out of air. 

I dug up half of the grave when I collapsed to the ground.

"Don't worry, my love. I'm gonna get you out of there!'' I had to scream to make sure that he heard me.

After I had gotten to his casket, it was silent. No screams from him or any signs of him even being alive.

I was terrified about what I might find inside of it.

I opened the casket and, laying there, was Angel. His eyes were closed  and his nails full of blood.

In his hands, there was a note that said my name on it.  I took it from his hands, letting my tears spill freely. It was a letter telling the reason why he was there, buried alive with not enough air.

   My dearest love,

   You might never find this note, and I pray that you do. I'm here in this grave and I died rying to protect you. I sacrificed my own life to save yours. Evil men were after you. They called me and told me if I wanted you to live, I had to sacrifice myself. I loved you so much that I accepted the deal. I hope you are alive and well and that you will not be horrified by what you are seeing. I hope you never forget the love that we had and  I want you to know that I will always remember you. Even if I'm not with you in my physical state, just know that I will always be smiling down on you from heaven. Always know that I loved you deeply and as I told you so many times before: I would die for you than ever see you die in front of me. I guess now we know that I did love you more than life itself. I'll be waiting for you when you cross the most beautiful gates ever. I love you!


                                                                                                   Your Guardian ANGEL.

And with that, I took out my pocket knife and slit my wrist open until I saw him at the end of the tunnel, smiling at me and waiting for me like he said he would.

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