The Twins (Part 1)

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Once, there was a mother with twins the age of 14 . Both of them were girls and they were always very united. They had special codes like any other twins. They had always told each other their secrets, but as they started high school, things slowly started to change between them.

They kept secrets from each other and their secret code was forgotten between them.

Gillian, the eldest of the two twins by 5 minutes, was popular enough to get a football player as a boyfriend. Her sister, Isabella, didn't know about any of this because of the lack of communication between them. Not knowing who was who, Gillian's boyfriend, Josh, started to talk to Isabella. At first, she thought he was just flirting with her but when he started calling her Gillian, she realized Josh was taken. He started to touch her in places she'd never been touched before and she started to scream out in anger and horror.

As he was getting his hands under her shirt in the girl's locker room, Gillian burst in through the door and gaped in horror at her sister.

Josh, not knowing who was who still, stared at the both of the dumbfounded. Gillian, horrified at the sight, grabbed Isabella's hair and threw her to the door. Her head stuck to the wall because of a nail that was used for hanging things.  Gillian, not knowing what had jut happened, grabbed her by the hair again and slammed her head again and again until Josh came and grabbed her by the waist. Knowing her sister was now dead, she went home and got into bed as silently as she could.

Later that night, her mom came into her room and asked her about Isabella's whereabouts. Not wanting to scare them, she told them she hadn't seen her sister since lunch time. Her parents now worried, they called the police to tell them about their daughter's disappearance.

As she heard them talking, she heard a voiec as soft as a whisper. Its sounded like her twin sister's voice, but she was dead. As she looked around the room to see where the voice was coming from, she felt a pain so deep and hurtful in her chest, that all she could do was grab her chest and hope she didn't die. As she saw blinding lights from behind her eyelids, she felt a hand grab her by the neck and she knew she had died when she saw her sister standing before her.

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