(Kokichi x reader) Remember me? Part 2

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Your POV.

I was sitting down at a table for lunch when I noticed my little bag was unzipped... "oh no...don't tell me I dropped my book!" I say to myself searching for my book in my little bag. "Damnit....it fell out!" I say to no one in particular.. "looking for this?" Spoke a familiar voice. I look to see that Kokichi boy who asked to hang out with me holding my book. "Oh thank god, I thought I would lose it" I say before taking it politely from the shorties hands...yep...he was short. Well at least 10 inches shorter then me... "Hellooooo? (Y/n)?" Kokichi snapped me out of my thoughts... "o-oh sorry I spaced out! I should go now!" I simply say and start to walk away till Kokichi grabbed my wrist. "But (Y/n)! You said you would hang out with me today!" Kokichi said with his sad face.. That sad face reminded me of something.. the boy from that memory.. crying on my shoulder cause he was moving away..

~flash back~

"(Y-Y/n).....I'm moving to another state..." The boy said tearing up.. "but no! You can't leave! I don't want you to leave! I love you!!" I say already crying from the bad news. "My parents found a job in another state...I have to move.." He says tears already flowing down his cheeks.. he hugged me tightly while crying on my shoulder.. he pulled away and waved. "I gotta go to start packing, I love you, please don't forget me" he said before running while crying, constantly rubbing his eyes with his Sleeves.....

~end of flashback~

"(Y/n)?....." Kokichi asked in a annoyed tone. That snapped me from the memory... "oh sorry....I just remembered something..." I say while getting my book and writing something about my memory in it.. "I read what was in there...so you do remember something!" Kokichi said with a bright smile. It was honestly cu- WHAT AM I THINKING? "And I just remembered something else..." I answer the purple shortie.. "which one was it?" Kokichi asked with sparkles in his eyes. "When the kid moved away" I mutter to myself. "Oh...that one....." Kokichi's sparkling eyes turned into a sad one. My eyes soften at the sight. "What do you mean?" I ask concerned by this.. "well...I am the boy from those memories (Y/n)...I'm the boy that moved away when we were 12!" He yelled out leaving me in a shocked expression. He is the boy I said 'I love you' to?... "And yes! We were together! We had fun times! You even made a promise to not forget me! Yet you forgot me!" He shouted violently at the end... that honestly hurt when he yelled that violently...I was to into focusing on writing my books that I forgot the 12 year old boy I loved... he was crying.. a pang of guilt crashed in my chest as I looked at his sad, but angry, face.. "I'm sorry..." at that moment... memories went flooding into my mind... the fun times me and Kokichi had together..and the sad moments... tears blurred my vision as I am still looking at Kokichi... He eyes soften seeing the tears roll down my cheek.. "Do you remember? The day I gave you the book about how to be a writer...do you remember when we went to the water park? Do you remember the first time was kissed? Do you remember?" Kokichi asked in an questioning but soft voice..."yes....I do remember...now" I answered with more tears rolling down my cheeks. "I'm so sorry for forgetting you! I shouldn't have been focusing to much on writing books!" I cried out as tears dropped to the cafeteria floor. I wiped my face with my sleeve. "No it's alright! It's fine! At least you remember now!" Kokichi said hugging me tightly. "It's really alright?" I ask. "Yes...it's alright at least we're together now and you remember" Kokichi says while his head touched mine..after a while in this position Kokichi kissed me with love. True love.. the same love I felt 4 years ago when we were together.. I can truly say. That it was one of the best days of my life.

(The end)

Hello danganronpa fans! I hope you enjoyed this Kokichi x reader story! I put my heart into all of these one shots. They may be short but they may grow over time! I hope you enjoyed and I'll see you later loves! ❤️

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