(Shuichi x Kokichi's sis! reader) (Y/n)! No!

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Yes dis is for real, your Kokichi's sister, BE PROUD PEOPLE, so basically no one knew you were Kokichi's sister, and you were killed by Korekiyo with Angie and Tenko, alrighty, let's get to this- OH and people, I'm sorry I haven't been uploading much, I promise with all I can can, that I WILL upload at least once a weak, on ONE book, if I don't, then shower me with hate comments, just so you know, I've been stressed because of school and my parents pressuring me because I didn't get my homework, ok I'm done with my talking, now onto the- WAIT remember to subscribe to my channel 'Katlyen Jeager' I'll give a link, https://youtu.be/W2Aw9nuD2Wc if it doesn't work then just look for my channel, it has Shuichi and Kokichi on it, NOW onto the one shot 


(Y/n)'s POV.

I was walking down the hall to go see my best friend and crush, Shuichi Saihara, he is so adorable, I like how he his cheeks go pink when he smiles or gets a compliment, he's just perfect, he helped me when Kokichi yelled at me for trying to be like him, he was my inspiration before Shuichi, but now Kokichi hates me for a reason I'll never know.

As a walk down the hallway I had a bad feeling about tomorrow, even thought I feel this, I don't say a word or think about it, I start skipping down the hall to get to Shuichi's dorm faster, I wonder if Shuichi likes me or someone else....hmm...eh, I don't know. Maybe I can ask him, if he doesn't like me back..then oh well, move on.

I got to Shuichi's door and knocked, I heard Shuichi say "coming!" And a few seconds later, he opened the door to see who it was, he smiled once he noticed it was me and opened the door wide enough for me to enter his dorm. I walk in after smiling back at him and walk to his bed and sit down.

"So what do you wanna do today?" Shuichi asked like he did everyday I come over. "Hmm, what about UNO?" I responded with a smile on my face. Shuichi doesn't know how good I am in UNO, I'm one of the best players, but I'm not the ultimate UNO player, I'm The Ultimate Singer, but no one knows, only me and Kokichi know, I'm lucky Kokichi hasn't told anyone, it's kinda embarrassing.

"Sure!" Shuichi said smiling. Heheheh he doesn't know, I'm one of the best and luckiest people in UNO, I set up everything and we started to play. 

~Time skip brought to you by my favorite teacher, Ms. Randolph~

I won in the end, of course. Shuichi had a dumbfounded expression on how fast I beat him, while I was grinning because I won. Then I thought 'this is a good time to ask him if he has a crush'

"Um, Shuichi?" I asked unsure. "Hm?" He hummed in response. "Do you have a crush" I said straight forward, trying to be positive. 

Shuichi's POV.

"Do you have a crush?" Once I heard that I knew my face went red, I couldn't just tell her that I have a crush on her and live happily ever after. If only it was that simple. I stutter as I responded "I-I H-H-H-Have a-a c-cr-crus-crush on- on y-yo-you" I must've sounded like a shy person, which I am, at that moment (Y/n)'s eyes widened and went full of HoPe. She jumped across the bed to tackle/hug me, what's the difference? And then our lips connected into a soft, loving, innocent kiss. We pull away for each other and look into each other's eyes. (Y/n)'s (e/c) eyes looks so beautiful when they shine so bright in the light. (hah,rhymes)  I blush as a realized, she kissed me. This was the happiest day of my life, little did I know that the the next day was going to be hell

~le next day brought to you by Tanjiro's pretty friggin eyes~

(Y/n)'s POV.

I was walking down the hall to get to Shuichi's dorm, I was excited to see him today, but then I heard a noise coming from a room next to me, I turn towards the door and start walking towards it, I open it slowly to see Korekiyo killing Angie. My eyes widen as the door creeks, which gets the attention of Korekiyo and he starts running at me and grabs me before pulling me in and slamming the door shut and locking it. I struggle to get out of his grasp, but he was too strong, I start crying and thinking about the things he would do to me, I was terrified till I feel a pain go through my throat, I coughs up blood and I couldn't breath, I managed to mouth a few words to no one, 'I love you, Shuichi' then everything went black, my body fell limp, never to be functional again.

Kokichi's POV.

(Betcha didn't see that one coming huh?) I  was looking around for my younger sister, last time I saw her was 3 days ago when I yelled at her for no reason, the reason was because my crush, Shuichi, likes her, and she liked him back...but I still loved her, even if I didn't show it. I had a bad feeling about this, I went to check if she was with Angie, cuz (Y/n) is friends with Angie. I go to the door and knock. 

No response.

I knock again.

No response.

So I try to open the door, and it was surprisingly unlocked, but what I saw in there was something I thought I would never see. (Y/n)'s body on the ground, pink blood all over her neck, mouth, and cloths. I screamed and everybody came in to see what I screamed at, everyone was very ShOoK. 

Normal POV.

Shuichi had the worst of it, he broke down crying and falls to the floor, and he quickly crawls over to your cold, dead body. Trying to get you to wake up, while the others (except for Kokichi) went to Angie's dead body and start to investigate.

~time skip to the end of the trial because who has time for this shiz~

"So it must have been Korekiyo!" Shuichi said with an anger voice.

"And so what if I killed (Y/n), Angie, and Tenko?" Korekiyo said "They are all with my sister now, happy and free~"


"Ok, ok, whatever (Okay dude I know this is not Korekiyo but hey, it's somethin) just get the execution over with" Korekiyo said "I want to see my sister!"

Then Monokuma chimed in saying " looks like time is up, ITS VOTING TIME!"

Everyone voted for Korekiyo.


Monokuma slammed the hammer on the shiny red button and dragged Korekiyo to his execution.

No one even looked at it, not caring for what he did, ever since, Shuichi has been depressed, sad, and stayed in his dorm for most his time. Till Kokichi came up to his door and knocked. Shuichi immediately knew who it was, Kokichi told him that (Y/n) was his younger sister. 

Shuichi and a Kokichi comforted each other till Shuichi finally came out of his dorm more, and he got closer to Kokichi. The end cuz I got no ideas left .-.

I hope you enjoyed :3

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