Chapter 4

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Blance POV:

It had been exactly 8 months and three days since i spoke to my father.During this time i have turned 18 and completed my matric year with flying colours. It seems that during the final few months of the year it was only my mother who supported me but only when she was sure dad was not around to notice.

The atmosphere at home was not healthy and i found myself hiding in my room pretending to be busy if i knew he was in the house.

I remember a time when on a Sunday afternoon my mother had this rule for atleast one day in the week we eat as a family around the kitchen table. This was no longer the case. On Sundays i would collect my plate from the kitchen and eat alone in my bedroom while the rest of the family ate together, they sounded so happy without me.

In all this time i felt multiple things in my heart :

Maybe i should leave Roy-lee, but he did nothing wrong??
Run away?
Move out?

One afternoon while sitting on our porch pretending to read i had an idea. I have been saving my pocket money since i was in kindergarten and never touched that money since i wasnt the type of girl that would entertain friends with booze.

The next day i went to the bank to find out what the balance of my savings was and the procudure if i wanted to withdraw any monies. It turnes out the money was available immediately all i had to do was provide them with a signature, which in this case would be the signature of my mother because i was i minor when she opened the account in my name and she did not sign the rights of the account over to me yet.

God why is everything so difficult, if i do ask mom for this money, my money i have to explain what the money is for, and to tell her im planning on moving out did not seem to play out very well in my head. But this was the plan to move out . My mind was made up.

Later that day i went into a local supermarket to collect all the newspaper with classified advertising for apartments to rent. I already knew about the money i had available in my account i just wanted to check the advertisements to see if i would be able to afford to rent on my own, even if it is just a small bachelors apartment. The prices seem offeredable and the contact number of the agent was written right underneath the advert. I held onto the number and advert.

I went home and gave it one last thought and decided it would be better for everyone in the house if i leave , seeing that i am the problem afterall. Or atleast they made me feel that way.

Mom was sitting in the living room watching her daily show when i interrupted her and asked if i could speak to her, we went out and had our conversation in the garden instead of in the house because my father would be listening.

Me: mom you know how this have been between me and dad for the past year...
Mom: yes...
Me: i was thinking since its not getting any better maybe i should get a place of my own with my savings money ,i already checked the balance , they just need you to sign the paperwork since i only recently turned 18.
Mom ( with an angry and sad expression on her face): Are you pregnant Blance? That why  you want to leave our house, so u can play house house with your little boyfriend??
Me: no im not pregnant i just want out, out of this exotic situation,  please
Mother: should i help you move and when?
Me: il inform you.

With that words ' should i help you move and when' i knew i was no longer welcome to stay in their house, it made me feel sick and sad because shouldnt my mother atleast try and convince me to stay and work things out my dad so we could be a family again, instead she asked me when i wanted to move.

1 week later

During this week my mom signed the papers to release my savings money and i went to see the real estate agent to see if there was any small places to rent in my price range. There was nothing available immediately and she placed me on a waiting list should something open up in the mean time. Wednesday i got a call informing me a somethings had opened up for me to rent. We made an appointment so i could look at the place and make a decision.

Roy-lee was so kind to go with me to see my first possible rental. When we walked in the agent assumed that we would be living there together as a couple. I politely corrected her.

It was a bachelors flat with only three rooms, a kitchen a small bathroom and a bedroom it was upstairs of the building and overlooked a valley of three tops and a river. The view was amazing since there was a big window in the bedroom where i could sit and stare at the view while reading my books.

I was relieved to find that the bachelors flat i was about to rent was semi furnished and consistent of a bed, build in cupboards for my clothes, a refrigerator,  and two small arm chairs. The only essential that was missing was a stove. But i was thankful never the less.

My father POV:

damn i cant seem to finish reading my newspaper without thinking about Blance and the stupid decision she is making moving out on her own. All this for one stupid boy. I mean we havent spoken in forever but surely she knows whats right and what wrong. She was raised by me, my little daughter deserves everything of the best not less and that scum bag of a boyfriend will just use her and toss her aside. If he loves her like he say why havent he told her about his child and that he does not even have a relationship with the boy. Thats the kind of man my daughter wants to spent her days with.

My mother POV:

O god i really hope she knows what she is diong by moving out, her father told me earlier today that if she leaves this house she was not to set foot here again. Im just a mother and i feel sad and almost as if im losing a child. I mean things hasnt been for the best for a while now but atleast she was stil around.

The day had finally  came for me to move out i packed all my clothes in plastic bags since my parents wouldnt let me use any of their suitcases. I felt relieved and ready to leave the nest.

I thanked my parents for everything and left...

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