"I'm not mad."- smut

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Harry thinks Louis is mad and Louis just wants Harry to put his mouth to better use.

OR; where Harry thinks Louis is mad about something and keeps asking him whats wrong. Louis wants him to shut up and makes Harry rim him in the shower.

this is actual fucking filth and the most detailed smut I have ever written so I'm sorry if this is shitty

i have never written anything like this and I'm sorry if there are any mistakes bc its currently 2:40am where I'm writing this but I'm going to post this then go to bed sksks so pls dont hate


The first thing that comes to mind when you think of Louis Tomlinson are the words fun-loving and out-going. He was always so happy and out-spoken and loud. That's why when he was mad, it was quite concerning.

Louis had always struggled to bite his tongue. His way of biting back was normally acting out and spitting fire at anyone who dared to wrong him. There had been numerous occasions where the public and their fans had witnessed some of Louis' sassy outbursts. However, when it came to Louis being mad at Harry, things were different.

The smaller boy wouldn't cuss him out, he wouldn't say... anything really. Louis would give him the silent treatment or really short answers. That was what had been happening for the past two hours. Harry had kept on asking Louis consistently what was wrong but Louis would always dodge the question.

"Are you mad?" Harry questioned sending a pointed look at his husband, "You look mad."

"I'm not mad," Louis answered, screwing his nose up at the look that Harry was giving him. Harry let his eyes study Louis' facial expression.

"Your face is screwed up like you're mad," Harry pointed out as they continued to walk down the hall towards their shared hotel room. Louis shook his head with a sigh.

"I'm perturbed, not mad," Louis said as he watched Harry reach into his pockets to retrieve the key to the room. He never trusted Louis with the keys because they both knew that the smaller boy would just lose them.

Harry unlocked the door before pushing it open, holding it ajar for Louis to walk in first before making his own way in and locking the door behind them.

Louis moved his way to the bathroom, beginning to discard some of his clothing on the way so that he could get ready. Harry just followed after him mindlessly, like a little lost puppy.

Harry decided to make himself useful as Louis undressed, the taller boy made his way towards the shower to turn on the water, making sure it was the temperature that he knew Louis preferred.

When he turned to see what his husband was doing, he was greeted with the heavenly view that was Louis Tomlinson, completely free of all clothing. His creamy, smooth skin that looked so deliciously perfect.

"You still look mad," Harry murmured, taking in the way Louis' face was still scrunched up. Louis glared at him as he made his way over to Harry, unbuttoning

"I'm not mad but I will be soon."

"Baby, just tell me what's wrong and I promise I'll make it up to you," Harry informed. The smaller boy rolled his eyes and helped his husband out of the shirt, sliding the silk material of Harry's floral blouse off his shoulders.

The pair were now both naked, Harry's hands moving to Louis' small waist as he made them walk into the shower, the warm water cascading onto their bodies.

"Shut up," Louis whispered, leaning in to place a kiss on Harry's shoulder, almost having to stand on his tippy toes if it wasn't for the fact that Harry bent down for him. Louis began to pepper kisses all over Harry's skin, causing the taller boy to close his eyes.

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