Their Baby wolf

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This is what there nest looked like ^^^^
read the A/N at the end please and Enjoy the chapter

Dae's POV
woke up in the middle of the night and pulled myself from my mates and went pee I started to get over heated so I jumped in the shower and turn it to cold letting the water run on me it only made me hotter I dropped to my need whimpering I couldn't  get up everything burned I started to wail "DADDY, BUBBA, DADA" I scream in pain all three came running in they open the shower and daddy lifted me up and wrapped a towel around me and the pain went away "fuck his heats starting soon" daddy said I just cuddle into him just wanting the attention "fuck we have a meeting to go to today we can't bring him or..." Bubba said but daddy and dada growled at the though of someone trying to touch me I whined "no you stay hereeeeeee" I pouted Bubba chuckled "baby we can't you know that what if we get Andy and Kane to keep you Company" daddy asked I smiled "YESSSS PLEASE DADDY" I squealed daddy,Bubba and dada laughed at me i giggled.
Daddy then put me in one of his hoodies and we went back to sleep

(Time skip brought to you by my gay ass)

When I woke up they weren't at home i pouted I walk into the living room and saw Andy and my brother I smiled "ANDYYYYY... KANE" I squealed Andy came running to me squealing as he hugged me I sat down as Andy was cuddled into Kane and yes my brother and my best friend are mates fight me bitch anywho I was chating with Andy.

Kane got up kissed his forehead "okay i have to that meeting now I love you both stay out of trouble you to" he chuckled and walked away.

Andy pouted but then we got an ideas we would grab stuff and blankets that smelled like our mated create a fort and then put pillows, blankets, and stuff that smell like our mates and we got to work me and Andy grabbed all the stuff that we wanted and need to make it perfect and went decided that we would build are fort on the old trampoline that the kids never use and we started setting up

*time skip brought to you by gay month*

After we finished we decided to take a nap in ate fort as me cuddle together because we the bestest of friends we chatted for a bit until we fell asleep

Draco's POV
One we got finished with are meeting we when to find are mate but both Andy and dae weren't there I mind link the pack if the knew where they were they told us the saw them by the old trampoline so we went out the the trampoline to find that there was a fort around it and to my moms assumptions I'm guess Andy was also starting heat soon so they started nesting I opened the entrance and saw then cuddle together both of them with paci's in there mouth and and both of them with their mates clothing and stuff around then I coed at them as I took a picture Kane came walking out and coed at his mate and our mate are mates start to whimper and that's when I grabbed our mate and headed to are room as nico link a pack maid to move the clothes and stuff back to the right places as soon as I tried to set are baby down he whimper clinging to me tighter I sighed he is going to be difficult to handle when he won't let go I layed down on the bed with him on my chest as I slowly asleep

Dae's POV
I woke up on Draco's chest as I hear him groan slightly as I can feel his raging Boner I knew my heat was now starting by the way Draco is groaning and by the way milo's grunting and nico is heavily breathing that my heat is starting but I'm now stuck with waiting for my first heat wave to hit me and I can't move on I'll rub against Draco and that might trigger it so only thing I can do is go back to sleep or try to but it's not working so I put my head in Draco's neck and and smell his scent which was a bad idea because I start panting as a wave is starting and I know I'm not ready to be fucked by all three boys so maybe I can convince them to go one at a time until I feel ready to be marked and mated completely but right now I need one of my mates In me I giggled " daddy come play with your baby boy he's horny and need one of his daddies cocks in him right now" I whispered in Draco's ear as I start to suck on his weak spot on his neck he start to groan I lick the shell of his ear "daddy my heats started it's time to play daddy wolf come out to play Draco's sleeping so play with me instead" I whimpered in his ear for his wolf skye to take control and he heard me "I won't play until my baby wolf comes out to play" he whispered as he lick the shell of my ear I moan as I let my wolf Dane come out

Dane's POV
"Daddy wolf play with me" I moaned he grinned
"I see dae let you come out my baby wolf" he smiles and gently caresses my cheek I smiled
"Daddy wolf play roughly with me" I giggled as I grinded against daddy wolf boner he growled
"WATCH IT PUP WHO DO YOU BELONG TO" he growls as he yanks my hair back to make me look him in the eyes I moans "Aghhh~ to my alphas aghhhh daddddy please daddy fill me with your big cock wreak my tight hole show me who I belong too PLEASE DADDY" I begged whimpering he chuckles
"Such a needy little pup aren't you I haven't even started and you already want my cock"  he growls and nips me ear
"Guess my baby is gonna have to deal with there first heat wave alone" he smirked and sat me up on his lap as he layed down and went back to sleep I pouted and went my room smirking I put on my fox ears my collar then I had to slowing out my but plug tail on I then put black thigh highs and a black skirt but no shirt I run back to my alpha's room and as soon as I opened the door there heads turned to me as I saw Andy and Kane talking my eyes widen as I before they could see me I ran to the bathroom I heard chucking "Dane you do know everyone saw you and already know you like this stuff" Andy laughs I pour "WHO FUCKING TOLD YOU I DEMAND A LAWYER" I stormed back into the room and stomped my foot they all laugh "Dane you do know that it's not rare for omega's right that's their instinct" Kane laughs I scowl at him as I jump into milo's arms as he caught me I growled at Kane and Andy shoving my face in milo's neck they chuckled expect milo he  growled at them all everyone look over to see my alpha join the party milo's wolf storm was nuzzling my neck making me purr...

Okay so I don't even know if people like this book or not but it's a working process because I like to write a couple chapters and then post one and make sure I have chapters to post as much as I can. I'm very sorry I'll try to update as much as possible. Also having major writers block so if you have an idea of what you want to see next comment below or if you would like to help me write this book follow me and dm because I need ideas I'm hella stuck
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