Chapter 2

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"So uh, good job defeating this villain kid" all might said unsure how to react as no one had quite reacted like him before, he noticed that he had began to start letting off steam and panicked saying"I uh i must go, thanks again citizen" he said as he scooped ip the slime and jumped away

"*sigh* thats gonna fall out of his pocket, its clear from a mile away"he shrugged his shoulders "oh well" he carried on walking home as he heard a commotion of in the distance, intrigued he followed the noise source and saw that the slime villain from earlier had a hostage and the hero's were just standing there, he saw as the hostage struggled that it was katsuki, theres eyes landed on each other and his eyes seemed to beg for help "*sigh* fuck it" he ran forward dropping his back as the heroes shouted at him

"Kid get back you could get hurt" or "do you have a death wish?" He didn't really care as he ran and jumped forwards into the villain whilst yelling out

"FOX HUNT" he jumped through the villain and was seen on the other side holding Katsuki "you dumb ass, how'd you this one happen?" He asked his friend with a chuckle

"Hehe fuck off" he said as izuku put him down and turned to the villain

"You little bastard, YOU TOOK MY SHIELD" the villain attacked as everyone adapted a look of horror seeing his attack take of izuku's arm, but had an even more look of horror or confusion as the wound let off steam and his arm came back, but it was outstretched and in the hand position that used his quirk, suddenly his weapon came flying through the villain and to his hands 

"You know i couldn't care less about you but you hurt someone i care for" izuku seemed to disappear as he was then seen leaning in next to the villains head, his hands in his pocket as he said loud enough for everyone to hear "and that is your sin" suddenly the villain splattered everywhere, his uninterested look made everyone question him but the pros were quick to run in and scold him whilst he just gradually used hunter fest to sap their power and mess with them, they eventually stopped as izuku just walked off and grabbed katsuki by his collar and began to drag him

"Come on dumbass where going home" he dragged him all the way to the bakugou residence where he opened the door and shouted "where home" you may be thinking that this was like a second home to him as they were best friends, well your quite wrong.inko midoriya was dead, quite very dead, and the bakugou took him in to avoid some random family from getting him for his powers. It was a sad day and after that izuku stopped really being humble like she brought him up, he got much more greedy and went through a stage of pick pocketing, however he only did it in shady areas where villains and thugs hung out, man they beat him when they caught him but he eventually got really good at it and really enjoyed it, of course it only took about 20 slaps from mitsuki for him to stop, well maybe if he saw a villain he'd do it, just like how he found a wallet when he saved katsuki. He went up to his room, it was full with stuff that he liked, from various to hero posters to a high end pc by his desk and his nice big king sized bed, in the corner was a punching bag that he just started punching, it was about his 5 millionth one and the wall had to be replaced about 40 times due to the strength he has built up from so much,pulling his punches wasn't really to fun for izuku, it made him feel restricted. It was kinda depressing. Sure katsuki was strong and all but he couldn't take a hit from Izuku at his max power, not enjoying having to pull his punches with the bag he headed out to the beach where he used the trash to train and clean up. He effortlessly picked up the trash and moved it and didn't go unnoticed by a certain blonde hero who went over to him

"Hello again" izuku turned to see the pro hero in his skinny form

"Who are you?" He asked bored as the man realised and transformed into his buff form "oh hi again all might" he said as he threw the rubbish he was holding to the second pile that he was going to destroy "what do you want?" The hero shook his head as he told the teen

"Well for one your name?" he asked

"Izuku midoriya" he answered simply 

"Ah, a very good name. Now the reason I approached you was because of the sludge villain incident"

"If you wanna chew me out then leave ive got training to do" he told the man

"Thats not it, i wanted to know why you acted when nobody else would?" The hero asked him

"Well, katsuki's a dumbass and i had to save his ass, and the heroes weren't doing anything they were just letting him die" the hero nodded his head 'it must be him'

"Young midoriya, i have a request for you" he said loudly

"Shoot away" he told the man

"I would like for you to receive my quirk one for all" que massive ofa speech here izuku just nodded his head as he listened not really caring for backstory

"Ill do it" the hero was about to say something but izuku cut him off "on one condition" the pro looked confused

"And what would that be then?" He was seriously confused

"Punch me, with all your strength, if you hold back one bit ill refuse" his greed for an opponent was showing and after some resistance the pro agreed and punched the boy who was sent flying through the trash, he stood up moments later and laughed 

"HAHAHA THAT WAS FUN" he looked at the pro who was just staring at him "what?"

"You uh have something here" he told the boy who was becoming his successor, as he pointed to his neck, and sure enough a large pole was stuck there, but it resonated a blue electricity, it had been infused with all mights lingering power, he pulled it out and waited a second, the two then twn, but it didn't heal

"What the hell?" Izuku said out loud, he felt no pain due to his immortality but there was no healing going on, after about 10 Minutes it finally healed but left a scar "thats never happened, anyway you said about a quirk" izuku had been interested in the quirk and so he MUST have it
"O-of course, here EAT THIS" he said pulling out a hair

"Your serious?" The boy asked

"You need my DNA" izuku sighed and ate it "id say due to your tremendous power you could control about 50%" izuku just nodded as they both parted ways 

So heres some power levels
All Might- 15,000
All Might in his Prime-25,000
Izuku (before ofa)-4,370
When ofa is 100% he can still get stronger and that will just increase his power more, so ofa percentage is not limit
Sludge villain-3,100
Hope you can accept these power levels

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