I shake it off quickly and step up next, holding out my hand. "Dr. Banner, I'm Metal Flare." He puts on a grin and willingly shakes my hand. The sudden sight of a huge green monster destroying everything in its path fills my head and I cant help but to pull back from his grip. I press a palm to my forehead waiting for the images to slow down "Sorry, head rush." I try to throw off.

"You guys might want to step inside in a minute. Its gonna to get a little bit harder to breath." Natasha informs. Suddenly, the sound of turbines rotating start up around the ship. "Is this a submarine?" Steve asks walking closer to the edge. "Really? They want me in a submerged, pressurized, metal container?" Bruce chimes looking over the border of the ship. I can hear the water raging agaisnt the engine as the ship begins to rise out of the ocean. "Oh no, this is much worse." Bruce adds.

We all follow Natasha through a series of doors and tunnels that lead us to the main center of the Hellicarrier. SHEILD Agents scattered around computers, watching as we reach out intended altitude without a problem. As Natasha walks to a dark man with a trench coat and and eye patch on his left eye that I know is Nick Fury. Steve, Bruce and I walk around the area, taking in the room.

A women who has the demeanor of a second-in-command type. Gives the clear to Fury that all engine are good and that we have reached level altitude. "Good, lets dissapear." Fury commands. Specturm lights are shot on the hellicarrier that changes the metal covering to look like the sky its blocking.

Fury turns to us and begins to walk closer. "Gentlemen, Ms. Flare." Steve begins to pull something out of his pocket. When I see its a small wad of cash, I unwillingly let out a small laugh. My mind replays Steve's memory of the bet Fury made with him about nothing surprising him. Steve hands him the ten bucks and Fury places it in his coat. I take a seat around the circular table that sits at the top of the room watching as Fury heads towards Banner. "Dr., Thanks for comming."

Again, Bruce averts his gaze lookimg nervous before shaking hands with Fury. "Thanks for asking nicely." He replies with a hint of sarcasm. "So....how long am I staying?" Bruce asks getting uncomfortable. "Once we get our hands on the tesseract, your in the clear." Fury replies. I scoff, knowing his lie.

"And where are you with that?" Bruce inquires. Nick points to below where Coulson is standing with a device in his ear. "We're sweeping every wirelessly accessable camera on the planet. Cellphones, Laptops. If its connected to a satillite, its eyes and ears for us." Coulson notifies.

Thats going to take to long. We need to narrow down some places. "How many spectrometers do you have?" I interject. Everyone's eyes turn to me. The smart ones in interest and the clueless one in craziness. "You are looking around the world 24/7. Thats going to take way to long. You need to get every lab you know to put up their spectrometers and set them for gamma rays. Its going to help." I advise. "She's right. After you do that, I can set up a tracking algorithm for basic cluster recognition. With that, we can at least rule out a couple of places." Bruce finishes while removing his coat and roles up his sleeves. "Have a place for me to work?" Bruce asks. Fury nods to Natasha. "Agent Romanova. Could you please show Dr.Banner to his lab."

"Should I join them, Director? Or am I on house arrest, now that you finally have the illusive Mental Flare in your headquarters?" I open my arms over my head and spin in the chair displaying the hellicarrier. Natasha waits for Fury's answer before leaving with Banner. "You're coming with me." He says firmly. "Yes, sir" I reply in a sigh, getting up and walking over to Fury.

Fury leads me down a few more halls to a room that looks more like a cell. Should've seen this coming. Avoiding him for a decade kinda deteriorates any trust thoughts. He pulls up a chair, sitting on it backwards looking torward the other empty chair that sits in the room. I take it, sitting down and crossing my legs while staring into Fury's eye. "I know you realize SHEILD's not the best when it comes to privacy, so I'll make this easy. Tell me who you are, or be thrown off my hellicarrier." He keeps a tone that tells me he's not kidding. "Fine, Fury. Have it your way." I complain. "But know I'm not willingly going to give out everything in my life." I add. He nods accepting my condition.

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