10: Dogs

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Dogs are our link to paradise. They don't know evil or jealousy or discontent.

-Milan Kundera


My boyfriend Harry and i are some of the most stubborn people on the planet, just ask anyone, and when we are working together, we usually always get our way. But when we are hitting it off against each other, then run for cover, because either the argument will end in slammed doors or an intense session of sex. Most often it's the latter, and we are constantly getting complaints from nextdoor about noise control. Which is odd since we live in the countryside and our closest neighbor is a good 400 meters away.

On this particular argument, we are not on the same terms, and have now been persuaded to ask our good friends Harmoine and Ron on their opinion of who is right and who is wrong. Apparating to their back lawn, Harry strolls right up to their back door and slams his fist on it. "Oi! Open up."

There's a ruckus sound and tiny footsteps before a girl in ginger pigtails opens the door wide, smiling a smile with two front teeth missing and a bottom one. Her eyes brighten as she looks from Harry to me, crossing our arms and glaring at each other. She sighs.

"Muuuum! Uncle Harry and Dray are here!" The girl, whose name is Sophia, regards us thoughtfully, "And they're fighting," another thoughtful glance, "...again."

Five seconds later Harmoine reply's with wand in hand, Ron popping his head out from over her head. He looks at the two of us and sighs. "Sophia, why don't you go upstairs and fetch your brother, we may need some sort of back up to resolve this." Hamoine says, and the little girl disappears.

"Alright, what is it this time?" Ron asks, leaning in the door frame.

"He want's a stupid dog." i seethe pointing to my boyfriend.

"And he doesn't." Harry finishes, sending a cold and pouty stare in my direction. The two parents in front of us sigh at the same time and, and Sophia reappears with her brother Dobby in tow.

"What's this about a dog?" The eight year old asks in a bored tone.

"I want one." Harry bursts.

"I don't." I echo.

The children sigh. And when a child is fed up with you then you just know you must be extremely annoying.

"Why do you want a dog?" Ron asks.

"Why wouldn't I?" Harry counters.

"That's not a valid reason." I sneer, scratching my elbow. "You have to have a better reason than that."

"Well i don't. I don't see why we can't get a dog."

"Because they leave messes everywhere!"

"Then it can be an outside dog!"

"It'll get cold!"

"Who cares? It can sleep in the barn!"

"No it can't! It'll scare the cows!"

"No it won't!"

"Yes it will!"

"No it won't!"




"You're impossible!" Harry shouts, looking down at me with such intensity that i can't but help feel slightly aroused.

Harmoine steps in between us, pushing us apart. "Okay, both of you have some rather... useless reasons. And i don't actually see the point in either of your arguments." She looks at her family. "Time to vote."

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