Chapter 4

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*Right when we were about to take a picture with them, we heard a loud noise.


We didn't know what was going on. We all looked at each other in shock. We all thought it was nothing, until we heard the same noise again multiple times. Everyone started running. That's when we realized what was happening. I immediately grabbed Sam's hand and started running. I looked behind me and saw Emily grabbing Jc's and Kian's hand. I can feel Sam's grip letting go. I gripped his hand tighter so he couldn't let go. I started running faster. At this point I didn't even know if Emily was still behind me and Sam. I looked to my right and saw a door. "Go in there" Sam whispered. As we were about to enter, I see Emily running up to us. I was relieved to see her, Jc, and Kian. I noticed Ricky, Trevor, and Connor weren't with us. "Where's the others" Sam asked concerned. Kian replied, "I don't know. I didn't see them." I was little worried. "They're probably fine" I said.

We opened the door, and saw the room was a closet. Kian spotted a shelf with boxes on top of it. We all climbed up and sat behind the box. I looked at Jc noticing something was wrong. "Jc" I whispered. He looked at me with sad eyes. "What's wrong?" I asked. "Lia" he replied. "What if something happened?" "Text her. Make sure she is alright" I told him. He nodded his head.

Jc's p.o.v

"Lia" I said. "What if something happened?" "Text her. Make sure she's alright" Ashley said. I nodded my head. I pulled out my phone and unlocked it. I went to my messages and texted Lia.

To: Lia

Baby are you alright? Where are you?

Less than a minute she replied.

From: Lia

I'm fine. :( I'm just scared. I'm by the panel room.

"She's fine. She's by the panel room" I said in relief. "Tell her to stay where she's at. We'll come and get her." Ashley said.

To: Lia

Babe stay where you're at. We're coming to get you.

From: Lia

Okay. :( hurry!

Ashley's p.o.v

Right as we were about to get up to find Lia, we heard someone opening the door. I feel Sam grab my hand. Everyone was pretty frightened, but me. I had like no emotions. Why wasn't I scared?

Who ever walked in started looking around and throwing stuff. I feel Sam's hand grip mine even harder. I had to admit, it hurt, but I didn't mind. Suddenly, they walked out and slammed the door shut.

We made Kian get up first to make sure it was all clear. It was.

I told Jc to lead the way to the panel room, since he knew where it was. We all walked along the wall in a line. Jc, me, Sam, Kian, and Emily. I told Jc to stop for a second before we walked around the corner. I opened my backpack and pulled out my knife I usually carry. The guys all looked at me in shock. "Okay she's starting to scare me" Kian whispered. I just looked at him and rolled my eyes. I sat on the ground and crawled to the corner to see if it was all clear. I pulled out my mirror, and held it out. That's when I saw him. I jumped and put my hands over my mouth. I feel my heart beating faster. I couldn't believe what I saw. Him, just lying there helpless, and dead.

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