All just happend

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One day a girl named Vanessa was at her house when her doorbell rang. Vanessa walked to the door. But all that was there was a plain old sticky not that said"I will see u soon.Vanessa thought it was a thereat but she could be wrong.So she was saying who cares until she gets a phone call. The phone call was about her dead but she does not believe in that stuff. She went outside because she was scared so she called the cops and they were on there way but then she saw the meanest kid in school Rebecca so she ran back inside.when the cops came she crying on the floor yelling help me help the cops took her to the hospital and they were asking her questions and then they ask if she was alone and she said no.she was with her 2 brothers. And then everybody froze.i forgot dominik and David but they jumped up and said no u did not. So when they were home they were watching a movie and it happened again. Who was it?

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