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I want to wake up
with  you.
I want to rest on one elbow and watch you
        b r e a t h i n g
every feature with eyes so enraptured, pupils
so   dilated-elated
and lids so saturated   oh
so swollen
they cannot bring themselves to   o-
        but lie
tear-heavy and aching with love
for you.

I want.
I want to    touch
to touch with mind's fingers   over and over
what has been laser-imprinted
on mind
my soul.

I want to lay my head light on your chest.

for I have not
for oh,      so many years.

I want to    hear
your heart   b e a t
every thrum a strum to the strings that are my own.
Strings that tendril as if towards the sun.
You are my
                    unparalleled One.
The sweet, sweet release I had given up     on.
The tender, un-
deserved blessing
some kind god's precious  benison
un-looked for solace

treasured      G i f t.

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