What A flirt

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    Part 1: What a flirt

The alarm rang, I woke up with a blank mind and couldn’t remember any dream. It was 5:30am and the California sky was still dark blue, my bed was tempting me to go back to sleep. It was freezing inside our room, like the refrigerator was eating me. I was beside my mom in our broken bed, Sam was laying on the blanket down the floor. Yes we lived in one room, in a penthouse. Motivation struck me. I felt bad that dad is gone. Mom said he died because of cancer. That is why graduating college was very important to me, it was to make my family proud. I stood up and went to the bathroom, brushed my teeth and turned on the freezing shower. It felt like small spectacles of ice crystals were puncturing me. I was finally ready for a beautiful future, I had to graduate college. Crystal Reynolds was ready to be a junior!

I ate some leftover cheerios in the box and some milk. It was good enough for the day. I wore a lame blue t-shirt and some skinny jeans. I had free school bus pass since we had low income. Sometimes I get embarrassed about our situation. However, I told myself everything in life happens for a reason. Were all humans, we poop, we pee, we cry, we love. High standards or low standard, were all the same. I heard the bus’ brake, and I rushed outside. The bus was old and stinky. I went inside and sat in the rear end, looking at the vague clouds. I forgot to pray, so I did. Then suddenly...

“Hey,” asked a blond girl beside me, “How do I look?” I was surprised and didn’t know someone would have the courage to ask such a question.

“You look fine,” I smiled. “Why what’s up?”

“Picture taking, remember?” she answered.

“Oh, I totally forgot,” I worried. I wasn’t really worried, I just thought I should’ve worn something more special..

“You weren’t ready?” she asked politely.

“Nope, not really. But I’m alright.”

“Haha. What’s your name?” she asks too much questions. But I was in a pretty good mood, so I answered “Crystal.”

“I’m Paige, nice to meet ya.”

“Same here,” we both laughed. Maybe she was my new friend? I didn’t know. I would give it a try.

The bus circled around Sacramento, one guy had green hair and some rainbow boots. Personally, I thought he was peculiar. Hey I wasn’t judging okay. Finally we arrived in the school parking lot. It was a rough ten miles from here, I can handle walking that if it was necessary. The school looked the same from last year’s. The grass was mowed and the chamomile flowers were in the same spot in the corner. As I was following Paige out of the bus, I checked my shoelaces. Well that was the best dumb but wonderful decision I’ve ever did in my life. I looked up after checking, when I didn’t see the steps. I tripped, on a soft ground? I realized it was a body, a guy’s body.

“Oh my gosh.” my eyes were watermelons. My hands on someone’s chest, trying to get up. My arms were so feeble, my body collapsed on HIS body. “Ew what’s happening.” I thought. I had the courage to look up and open my eyes. “WHOA.” I was surprised… and daydreaming at the same time, it was unexplainable. His eyes were so blue, like the ocean, I drowned. His face was beautiful, his freckles. It was like a moment from a movie, when glittery lights are surrounding my eyes. My heart was racing horses, what the heck heart. Stop it. I tried my very best to get up, pushing his chest even more. Ugh I probably hurt him.

“I’m so sorry.” he apologized sincerely

“I’m okay. And I’m sorry, it was my fault. Sorry.” I replied awkwardly, my guts were eating me. He stood up, dusting his cream colored pants. Unexpectedly, he offered his hands. I took it and electric shocks kept bugging me. I was standing up, and looked around… people were giggling and saying “Oooh! Dayuuum Cameron!” It was beyond awkward. I wasn’t looking at him, I didn’t want my heart to go crazy again.

“I’m sorry um… ?” he questioned.

“Crystal. Crystal Reynolds.” I couldn’t help it and looked at his face, he was smiling. His dimples, so deep, in both cheeks.

“Heh, you new here?” I asked with my voice shaking, just to break the awkwardness.

“Yeah, I came from Hawaii, but I was born here. And oh um I’m Cameron” he kept flashing his blinding smile, ugh. I didn’t reply. “Crystal ain’t gonna fall in love,” I reminded myself, “family first.”

Awkwardly, I waved my hand signaling goodbye as I walked away. My whole world was pointing at him, my eyes kept looking. “Nice meeting you!” he yelled. I was stupidly smiling back, and not looking in front of me until… PANG!! A cold, hard, fresh-painted pole hit my head. “Are you okay?” a preppy girl asked with an evil grin. “Yeah, I’m just... Practicing I guess. I don’t know. Bye.” I ran as fast as I could, holding my blue painted hair. Indistinct laughter behind my back as I ran farther and farther. Karma, tsk tsk. I sat down at the farthest bench away from the “crime-scene” to rest my guts. What a flirt Crystal, what a flirt.

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