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and as I'm getting more numb by the second, and as I feel the walls are closing in on me, and when everything fades, I think to myself, how did I even get here? what happend?

isn't it crazy, how you can be sure of everything going on in your life, then become foreign to the people your around, and the choices you make? Isn't it crazy, how you can be both, in love + suicidal? isn't it crazy, how you don't remember how many pills or what kind you even took? and isn't it just crazy, how just one person, out of 7 billion people in the whole world, can make you lose your self with a snap of a couple of fingers ? how they can put you into this whole situation, have you asking all these questions to your self, making your mind spin, and have you lying in your bathtub with empty bottles of pills floating around as you lay silently losing yourself in the tub full of water? but yet this person still is your favorite. they are just about the only ones who can make you truly happy. they make you feel special, and you just can't get enough of them. it's a very scary world we live in. the person who you love, can be your worst nightmare. and your worst nightmare, can also be the person you love.

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