*Jai's POV*

Last night was pretty chill, my night was made when Brianna's little sister confirmed that it was her at the airport and that she had said that I was 'extremely hot.' She seemed so mysterious and sorta quiet I wanna find out more about her, I'm attracted to her. "so what happened last night?" I asked Luke plopping down onto the couch next to him as I opened my water bottle. "Nothing." he mumbled. "where did you go with Brianna? I saw you guys leave." I pressed as his eyebrows knitted together. "Umm well we bumped into each other and got full of salsa and punch in case you don't remember." He replied sounding annoyed with the question I had asked him. "I took her home so she can change, then we came here so I can change." He said flatly with no emotion, his eyes glued to the tv with the film that was playing. "Oh." I got up and decided to take a shower, then head over to the gym.

*Brianna's POV*


There's not thing to do but watch tv alone since everyone left this morning.

New Text Message

Appeared on my screen as I was scrolling through my kik messages.
Hey it's Luke, I'm gonna take Daniel in a couple minutes, just letting ya know((:

I saved his number as a contact and simply replied "alright, I'll be here."

Within twenty minutes, I saw two figures walking up to the door, one of them holding onto the other that was groaning loudly. I opened the door not surprised to see my cousin leaning onto his best friend as he groaned in pain holding onto his head. "Bria-" "Dont worry I left some Advil and a glass of water on the table for you, sit down, I'll bring it to you." I cut Daniel off while smiling and greeting Luke. "I wanna lay down on my bed." He cried out as Luke was guiding him to the living room. "If you want I'll take him." I offered Luke, clearly feeling bad that he was nearly dragging Daniel around struggling. "Mind just helping Me carry him a little? My pants keep falling." Luke replied as I giggled and agreed. After laying Daniel down and giving him some medicine to break his hangover , I thanked Luke for bringing him. "No problem, I'm used to it, I do it almost every weekend with him and my brothers." He chuckled as he bit his lip ring. He sat on the couch and I offered him if he wanted anything to drink or snack on. "No thanks I'm okay, ugh today's such a boring day, and Skips to HungOver to make any videos." He bit his lip ring in frustration as he ran his hands through his curly hair. "I know , I wanted to go to the mall with Daniel but.obviously that's off now." I half heartedly laughed remembering Daniel saying he'd go walk around the mall with me today. We sat in silence until he broke it. "If you want I can take you to the mall, I have nothing else to do today." I honestly didn't expect him to say that, after he finished his sentence it seemed like he didn't either his voice unsure and shaky. "Well I mean if you want me to." He scratched the back of his neck. "Sure, can we go later on like at seven p.m.?" I asked him shyly. "Yeah, I'll text you later." He got up from the sofa, waved and smiled goodbye at me and with that he left I think I'm going to take a nap for a bit. "Nanaaaaaaaa" I heard Daniel holler my nick-name from down the hall , I sighed, or at least try to take a nap.

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