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"oh wont you stay with me cuz you're all i need" my ringtone went off meaning its another day of shitty school,shitty teachers, stupid honors classes,  and seeing the horrid faces of my teachers. OH JOY ANOTHER DAY OF SCHOOL. just beacuse im the school nerd doesnt mean i like school i honestly dont,but my parents want whats best for me and school really sucks ass its prison and my parents just tell me its the price of intelligence. fuck it. i mean what if i didnt want an education what if i wanted to be a duck? what if i wanted to be a goat? but no my parents hate me and send me to this thing called school. i tried to wake up and get of the bed but my bed was my baby it was calling my name. it loved me and i loved it. i had no choice but to get up i got up tured of the alarm clock from my phone and headed straight to the shower. while in the shower it got me thinking. Why am i bullied? why do i do stupid things? why do i have anger issues? why do i cut? why do i have to go to school? why do i need AN education. all these questions wandered my head i decided to push them to the bak and let the water hit me. i loved the way the hot water hit my bare naked body. i never liked going out the bathroom because then after i get out i start getting cold. so i changed into a simple pair of blue jeans with a blue lace cami shirt and i put all my belongins in my bookbag including my phone 5s my beats and my homework and my blue nail polish. i finished the outfit with my favorite pair of sport blue air jordan 6s. im a big sneaker head i love them. i went down stairs and made a bagel with cream cheese i took my phone out of my book bag and almost choked on my bagel 7:45 SHIT! I kept on cursing under my breath i was gonna miss my bus. i saw it leaving then made a run for it. kids at the side of the window saw me and just laughed i tried not to look stupid. the bus then came to a light i catched up to it and banged on the doors so they would let me in. "your always missing my bus kid" said the bus driver with an annoyed face "and your always doing the same thing, next time i wont open the doors ,you're walking". i obviously didnt care school sucked . i went to go sit at my usual spot, the only spot that was empty i always sat next to jeremy kyle the first biggest nerd in our school. guess who was the second? yea thats right me. i dont know how anybody could think wrong of jeremy though. hes such a big sweet heart not to mention hes hot i was so into my thoughts and just drooling over jeremy that i didnt know jake came over, my bully. he came over and pulled me hair and kicked me and slapped me, everybody saw but nobody dare help me for he was the toughest kid on the block after the beating jeremy looked at me with pity i must have looked horrible i smiled to let him know i was okay. finally the bus stopped, letting us know that we were at the school. i ran as fast as i could out of there before jake could do any more damage to me i went into the bathroom and clean up the cuts so no one would notice i put make up over it to  cover it. i made it to my first period class just in time. oh great todays a "b" day which means health class. oh the joy ms patterson didnt liked me for some reason and i always sat in the back of the class so she wouldnt notice. while she was talking i took out my phone and went onto instagram. i of course had many comments and many likes some comments were mean others were nice. i then noticed i had a new follower i accepted his request and he seemed like a cute boy i read his bio his name was randy caser i decided to like all his photos to show love to his page. i then got a new comment under my pic saying "thanks for showing love gorgeous". i felt a blush creep to my cheeks people were giving me looks but nobody has ever called me gorgeous so i didnt know what to say i was about to say thanks when i saw a shadow over me i already knew i was busted and all that went through my mind is "oh shit im busted"

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