Chapter 1

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Rains P.O.V

"GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE RAIN AND GO TO SCHOOL!!!"my dad yelled.I jump out of bed and put on a black long sleeve and black skinnies with black converse.Then I run down stairs and grab a apple and head out the door before my dad could say anything to me.

He is probaly still mad at me saying that I'm the reason mom died,that I should have died instead of her.

I walk to school since it's only 5 minutes away.I just hope I don't run into Monaca.That bitch is the most popular girl in school.

I don't see Monaca.Yes! Now I don't have to deal with her until I get to school.Great.

At school

I run to class hoping I can get there before anyone notices me.But as soon as I'm at my locker getting my books,there is a tap on my shoulder.

Fuck.I slowly turn around,just to see Monaca's blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes that boys die over.

"Hey emo have you cut your wrist lately?"She says with a glare in her eyes.

"Monaca,how nice to see you."I say obviously not amused."I asked you a question."She said getting ready to slap the shit out of me.

"I got to get to class."I tried to slide past her but she moved."No you can be late."Then she slapped me.

"HEY LEAVE HER ALONE!!"Someone shouted.I looked and I saw him.He is beautiful,perfect hair.

"Oh hello Mr.Hotty."Monaca said to him."Leave her alone."he said."I'm sorry but she deserves this treatment.She's just an emo slut who fucks old guys on the weekends."She said and slapped me and punched me in the stomach.

I fell to the ground and heared him say to Monaca to get the fuck away.She stomed off.Thank God.

"Hey you okay?"He asked."Yea I'm fine."I said getting up."I'm Michael, Michael Smith."He said that's when the butterflies came out."Well hi Michael Smith,I'm Rain,Rain Johnson."

"We should get to class."He said."Yea good idea."I said.Then we left for class.



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