Chapter 9 ~ The Jealous Help

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Lindsey’s P.O.V

I put on my shoes, fixed my hair and asked Toby if he could take me to school. On the ride he looked over at me.

“Lindsey, what about your mother?” he asked as he looked back at the road.

“Oh no, she was supposed to come back this morning wasn’t she? I didn’t go pick her up”

“I mean, I can go pick her up if you want me to” I looked at him and smiled.

“Will you Toby? That’d be so awesome!” I said as I reached for my bag because we were approaching the school.

“Absolutely, don’t worry about it. Just go to school and I’ll come pick you up right after” he told me then gave me a kiss on the cheek. I smiled and opened the car door.

“Bye!” I said then ran inside the school. I got a tardy note and went to my next class, which was the class where I saw Kameron. I gulped and knocked on the door. Someone opened it and that class went on. At passing period Kameron tried to touch me but I kicked him in between the legs then slapped him left and right. I innocently ran off to my next class.

I got called up to the office for my next class. I walked over to the office shamefully. When I opened the door in a chair sat a very bruised up Kameron and in front of him a very mortified principal.

“Please Lindsey, sit” I sat down and Kameron grabbed me.

“SEE WHAT HAPPENED BECAUSE YOU COULDN’T CONTROL YOURSELF!” he yelled. I shrieked and the principal pulled him off me.

“Kameron, control yourself or get out” he said sternly.

“Yes sir” Kameron sat silently by the door.

“Now, Lindsey is it true that you beat up this young man?” I looked down at my palms.

“Yes, it’s completely true”

“YOU SEE! I TOLD YOU!” yelled Kameron. I didn’t move a muscle.

“Kameron! Out of my office!” he yelled.

“Yes sir” Kameron left and when the door clicked shut the principal sat back down.

“Now, was there a reason for such behavior?”

“Yes sir, it was out of self-defense. He tried to do something inappropriate to me and I just reacted to his action or his intentions”

“How were you so sure he was trying to commit something as terrible as that?”

“Because sir he… he did that to me this morning without my consent and now I’m afraid he’ll do it again…” I looked at him gasp. I smiled wearily. “I know you might have not wanted to know this but that’s my fear and if I didn’t confront it then it’d never be dealt with”

“Lindsey, I- I had no idea you were suffering like this. As a principal of this school I can’t deal with such a problem like this but tell you what…” he walked over and bent down in front of me. “I won’t hold you against what you did. You had good reason. Go on to class”

I smiled and got up. I curtseyed then walked out. Kameron bothered me.

“What’s your punishment?” he asked.

“I have none…” I said softly.

“What?! Then, I’ll give you one” he grabbed me by the waist and dragged me off.

“No! Kameron, no! Stop it!” All of a sudden I see a bunch of school officers running behind us.

“Damn, they’re on my tail. Have to make it quick” he jumped over the fence with me, which surprised me at first then I remembered I was being kidnapped.

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