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I do not own South Park or the character used. All credit goes to Matt Stone and Trey parker.

There was the music again, booming through his skull as it did every weekend. It was the same sort of pop shit as it always was. The location seemed to change, but the appearance never did. In the middle of the room there were your popular kids. All of them dancing, well more of moving to an organized beat. In the kitchen there were those desperate to get wasted, some night Kenny would even join them. Same with the ones in the corner lighting up with whatever they could find. Instead, tonight, the dirty blonde could be found with the outcasts, other wise none as the weirdos who stood by the walls away from the mess. He seemed to be the only one who had claimed near the stairs, and he was currently watching Clyde Donovan trying to score with Bebe Stevens. Ken had enough experience to know that was never going to work out, and as he was such an expert he couldn't help but laugh some at the futile attempt. He shook his head after a few minutes, not being able to take the music any more. That was the point he decided to head upstairs. He turned some, making his way up the flight of stairs. It didn't even take him five seconds to get up and to the hall. He scoured the rooms for an empty one, that took a few attempts. He settled some for a few seconds before going to the window. He opened it, pushing out the screen and sticking his head out. His arms rested against the window sill as he looked out. It had already snowed outside, which wasn't really a surprise to him. He took a breath of the air, letting the cold fill his lungs. It felt good to be alive and still kicking it in his opinion. After a few minutes of that, he realized he wanted more. The poor boy looked up to see how hard it would be to get to the roof and found out it would be pretty easy, a bit dangerous, but he lived for danger. He managed his way up there and laid back against the snow covered top. "Hey, I know it's been a while. Thanks for that, by the way." Kenny started, looking up to the stars. "But I just wanted to check up on you. And to bitch some, okay you caught me. Mainly bitch. But hey, who even says you're listening." He paused, laughing some. "You know one thing I never understood, why is it me? Not that I'm ungrateful for this thing, but it's just weird. You couldn't have given it to someone important? Or worthwhile? Like, I don't fucking know, Ghandi, or Mother Theresa? Nah. Give it to the poor kid who talks back a bit too much. Give it to the blonde with family issues and a drug problem. Give it to the least likable dickhead in the universe. Wait, that's Craig." He snickered some at his joke, his arms reaching out to rest under the back of his head. "But seriously, what did I do to deserve this curse? Cuz yeah, that's what it is. It's a curse. I've spent so much time with you, I'm sure you know me better than my own family does. And yeah, that includes Kare. You just love cutting my time short only to give it back to me with missing plot points. It's almost laughable. I swear. But you know what? I think I've gotten used to it. I just have to get over myself right? Once I accept it, will it go away? When's the last time? When do I not wake up?" He scoffed. "Even better, why do you never answer?" He clicked his tongue, shaking his head. He stayed silent for a few seconds before standing. "I should have expected you to stay quiet you ass." He stepped some on the rood, trying to get down. Of course with his luck, Kenny McCormick came tumbling down, landing right on a rake someone had left out from who knows when. All he felt for a few minutes was a numbing pain. There was a loud noise that sounded a bit mumbled to him, but could easily have been Kyle yelling "You bastards." As he always did, then everything went black.

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