Day Two in Claveria

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The morning sun was already up when I opened the curtain. I glanced at the vintage clock (old as grandma but still functional). It's already 10:00 in the morning.

After our dinner last night, we went swimming. We stayed in the pool until midnight I guess. We catched up for the lost moments. That's why I woke up this late.

I can still remember our conversation last night... Just the tree of us. Me, Darline and Josiah.

"So, what's the newest happening in there? I am not updated anymore." Asked Darline.

"Because you are too busy with Drew that's why you are outdated!" Josiah said in a teasing manner.

If looks could kill, with the one Darline gave to Josiah, he probably was dead by now.

"Shut up Monkey. I am not asking you." Darline hissed back. Then she returned her attention at me. But before I could speak again, she already did, as if she remembered something to tell me.

"Oh! Wait!"

"We're not going anywhere. Just relax Baby doll." I told her, grinning.

She rolled her eyes on me.

"I heard about JD." she finally said.

I was stunned. Like I was struck with a lightning. Not that I felt the voltage. But... well, I was surprised.

"So that was true after all. By the way your face become like that Krissy, I knew JD is back."

Darline has been my schoolmate in highschool too so she knew about JD. She knew how did my friendship with JD ended up. It's like we were the hottest news back then as if we're really an item.

"So, did you see each other already?" she asked me again.

"Wait, you knew JD?" Josiah butted in before I answered. With again, a baffled look.

Darline threw him a boring look.

"Yeah, why?"

"Oh, nothing. Nothing."

"So Krissy..." She turned her attention again at me.

"Yeah. We've seen each other." I told her sounding like it doesn't matter. Like it's no big deal.

"JD even watched her out for a whole week you know. Hey, are they bestfriends really? Or lovers hiding in bff image?" Josiah grinned.

"Josiah will you shut up?" I growled at him. He is really so talkative!

"I really do not know. All I know is JD had been really so bad with Krissy here."

"Really? How bad?"

"Really bad Josh." Darline answered Jpsiah. So I hope JD is still alive after you've seen each other again Krissy."

I scanned the room. Darline wasn't in her bed anymore.

She really have changed. The old Darline doesn't wake up earlier than me. That's why I'm kind of surprised when I saw myself alone in our room.

Josiah, of course, stayed in a separate room, together with Mom and Pop. Hah! Now I wonder who is really the child.

Knowing how bad Josiah in the morning, I didn't bother to check out on him in their room. He might still be drooling with his dreams right now. So after changing into a plain white beach dress I brought over, I went to the restaurant of the hotel. They might be in there.

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