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Hey, so I've been thinking of writing a lot of things and publishing them here in Wattpad . 

I really love to write and when Im truly inspired, I write like a writing machine.

I have a lot of ideas in my head, waiting to be  shared to the world,thus, I would like to share to you the things I have already posted here and will be posting in the near future.

Who knows what things may interest you and what would not? Id be sure though to update these things if ever Id think about new ideas to publish. Id also be telling you when Id be posting it ,if its on hold, if its completed or if Id be deleting it because Id be  publishing it (I do wish I could ) or because Id be editing it.

So if youre interested, click the READ button on the lower right corner and join me in exploring the mysteries and fantasies of my mind. 

P.S: Some stories here may contain trailers, sneak peeks,  and teasers about the book.

Have fun!

Oh and Id be putting this int he category of Romance since all of the stories I write are filled with romance and also another element . It may be fantasy , teen fic, humor, etc. Id be identifying what it is then.

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