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Is technically the 1st installment to the series since it is a prequel but I decided to make it the 3rd installment and would just be like a special edition of the book of Memories of Yesterday Series.

This book contains how the two best friends met, how they came to be the best of friends and how their friendship reached its end.


Charlotte  Davienne Curtlander,13 years old  , smart, popular,crazily happy , knows how to have fun. She always laughs,jokes  ,gets crazy with her  friends but is still able to save some reality in her mind.  By reality? I meant , she knows how to have a life ,when to get serious and when she can go crazy as  hell  . One day, her life gets more serious than  she really wants it to be. 

The  main suspect for this crime? Lucas Lawrence, 14  years old ,smart,cute ,and  athletic.Meeting him turned Charlotte's world upside down giving her the bumpiest ride of the lifetime filled with cliche  moments, laughters,tears and confusions.

Will their story end into a happy ending or maybe a misunderstanding?

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"Come on mom, it's  too big!" I protested.

"No deary, its just the right size." she said through gritted teeth.

"Look at me ! I might as well dress like an overgrown woman!" I screamed.

She shot me alook and whispered in my ears,"If you want me to buy this , then shut  thehell up!"

I did of course. I know the time to shut up and the time to give out mythoughts. As I was having the mother treatment, I heard someone say,"Miss where is theuniform for the  1st years?"

My head shot up.Of course Id be interested. Whowouldntwhen you finally have the oppurtunity to see one new face whomyou could have the possibility of being a classmate?

As I looked around , I only saw one possible candidate but he seemed  more mature than a 1st year. Yes, a guy. I expected a girl.  

The guy was not bad. He was sitting so I couldnt really see hisheightbut he doesnt have any glasses and has  broad shoulders and a white complexion . Wait- am I checkinghim out? I shook my head but was drawn again when he changed his gaze from his brother ,whom he was playing with to me. My breath hitched.

Have you ever felt feeling a magnetic pull with someone?Well,that's how I  felt. Correction :we.

We stared at each other's eyes as if this is the first time we have ever seen a human being in our lives. I was snapped back to reality when my mom said,"Try this on LOTTE!"

I grew perplexed at her tone but  did as told. I continued to steal glances at the guy,trying to make sure if he was really a first year and all.  I then saw that he stood up and started fitting on his polo. He looked tall,taller than me actually. Which is a new thing for me because Im taller than most guys and I dont know why.

Me glancing would've been weird but what made things weirder was that we were both stealing glances and there were times when we glance at the same time and look away flusttered but repeated the process. I couldnt really explain why but Ihave this odd feeling as if there is something that I should know but is in theedge of my tongue and that if I dont  discover it now, Id never be able to grasp it.

"Charlotte, Im going to pay for this . Why dont you go look if the booksare now available?"she said.

I nodded. Dad and mybrother were in the canteen and I didnt bother going there since they would just be eating ice cream anyways.

I entered the book store  and asked if they have  books available but they said that the bookswould be available next week.So  I went back and opened the back door of the uniform store but was greeted by a face which made me flustered. 

It was the guy I kept glancing at. I couldnt panic right here so I rolled my eyes at him. Then slammed the door. I must've looked weird but I couldnt do anything else to control this panic .

I went on the other side and told my mom about the books and she nodded. We then paid for my tuition fees and was about to leave but then collided with the guy again. Just then , our arms brushed past each other . I felt an odd tingle as if I was electrecuted but ignoredit.

After all, this is just an ordinary day...


Well this is still the unedited SNEAK PEEK of it so do forgive me for it .

Anways, since  I have shown you now how the two met, you might get interested to know the rest of the story. Do know though that is is still unhold until I loosen up some load on my shoulders.





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