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We see things differently you and I...

You see the good, you're so naive. You believe people when they say they're fine that everything's okay. Me, I know the evil in this world, I see it for what it is. I know the look of pure pain and anguish in someone's eyes.

Our perception is the way we view things, the way we feel and see the things and people around us.

Everyone's perception of life is different. Some only see the good, others see only the bad, me I see everything.

I see the pain people hide, the lies behind their eyes, the stains from the tears shed behind closed doors, the anguish they harbor, the happiness they crave, I see the dreams they've had crushed, and the things they have lost. I don't believe them when they say they're fine. I know better, I've been there. I was that person. I know.

My perception is one of understanding. Yours of stupidity.

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