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💫 sum stoff about me. 💫

full name; amalia sophie h

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full name; amalia sophie h.
age; sweet seventeen
character; chaotic, introvert, creative, loyal
origin; italian
zodiac sign; aquarius
favourite color; depends on my mood, mostly black
favourite food; it's always pizza duh
favourite drink; cherry coke
favourite movie; miss peregrines home for peculiar children, inception, hunger games, it {2017}
favourite series/show; the umbrella academy, ahs, stranger things, much more
favourite places; cinemas, forests, lakes, motels, car backseats, the beach, my bed
favourite book; percy jackson & the olympians, looking for alaska, it, sisters of misery, we were liars
favourite season; spring, autumn
favourite day; friday
favourite holiday; halloween,
new year's eve

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