Episode 7 (Welcome to the Jungle)

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With the news in hand, the CDM crew knew they must head over to the ball field or wherever the battle was to take place. Steve was still overlooking on how Fusion Gundam came to be, despite the transport being dire. Yet, for a guy Steve, he doesn't seem to be bothered of the bumps, thanks to the shock resist equipment. Sandler made a run for it, only to be greeted by Manson's and crew testing their machines, really for the fight. Sandler tried not to get any closer, knowing he still has some information about their opposites.

"Okay, pointed ear. Go for it!" Fish said.

Twiggy armed his armor suit at where he had aimed at.

"Here we come." Twiggy said.

Twiggy rams into a cinder-block wall as a test but bounces off.

"I was trying to go for Robocop." Twiggy said.

"Look, after seeing what they can do, we'll need to do more than that." Zum said.

Twiggy checks for toughness.

"It's survived the first one." Twiggy said.

"Aren't we dealing with the ladies of steel?" Zum asks.

"Hate to say it, but he's right." Fish said.

"Look, this is the closest we got. Manson and Bates went to locate we can be added." Twiggy said.

"Does anyone know how tough those ladies can be?" Zum asks.

"Why else they went Iron-Man? Tony Stark must've been the designer." Fish said.

"Say, if they're already dead, why would they go Iron Man... or Women in this case?" Zum asks.

"If they're a ghost, they need a way to interact with the world of the living. It almost reminds me of that film, The Frighteners." Fish said.

"I was thinking about Ghost, but it doesn't have that armor army." Zum said.

Sandler watches carefully, but he knocks some rocks over.

"What was that?" Fish asks.

Jacksepticeye: Nice going! You just blew your cover!

PewDiePie: I smell another trope.

"Who's there" Fish asks.

"What was that?" Zum asks.

"It could be one of them. Check it out." Twiggy said.

Sandler tries to hide, but the trio isn't about to give up. Finally, Sandler had no choice but run, giving away his cover. The men never saw something like Sandler before, but they were more interested in their battle. They chased him into a cornfield for some reason. Now wanting to wait, Sandler just kept going as, for some reason, it was close to the ball field and prier, where most of the crew were at including Fusion Gundam.

Markipler: Yeah, why is there cornfield? It's just there.

Tyrone Magnus: Another trope coming, they should get some music.

Reaction-Time Tal: I bet they're going for Scooby-Doo.

PewDiePie: Really Scooby-Doo chase.

"All right, ghost boy" Fish said.

"Where are they? What's with the passages?" Zum asks.

Some random chase music

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