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Pen Your Pride


Kritch and I are married! She's finally Kritchell Anne Mercado - Grigori!

Sawakas! Now everyone knows she's mine, all mine.

Nasa reception kami ngayon and she looks stunning on her dress.

She doesn't want me to see her dress until our wedding and now that I've seen it.... I want to rip it off her and do her, right here right now.

Everyone gave their blessing, the whole evening was so energetic.

The girls gather at some area while Kritch is trying to throw the flower.

"Ready, set.... Go!" she screamed

She looks so happy. Ally was the one who catch it

Now it's my turn

"Ready guys?" I asked them and they nod. They look excited on this

"One, two.... Go!" I thow it back and the one who catch is.... Craig.

Wow! What a cool coincidence, everyone was like 'Wohoooo' and 'Witwew'

I couldn't help but laugh, I went back to my wife.


Even that singlel word can make me smile.

"Hey there Wifey" I teased

"Hey there Husband" she said, I can't wait to get her alone, I wanna go and claim every part of her body and soul.

"Are you happy?" I asked

"I'm the happiest person here on earth right now" she smiled at me 

"Nope! Your the second cause I'm the number one most happiest man on earth cause I am now married to my one and only love" I grin at her

"Kritch!" someone called her

"Nick!" she screamed then run to him and hugged him.

"I couldn't believe it! your married and...... you look sexy on that dress by the way" Nick said, so it made MY WIFE blush.

I approuch them, "Hey Nick. Long time no see. How are you?" I asked

"I'm fine the truth is I'm engage" he said

"WHAT?! WHO'S THE LUKCY GIRL?!" Kritch seems to happy for him

"Her name is Leila, she's cute, pretty, kind and funny. I met her on a business meeting and we started to talk, date and get engage" Nick said

I am happy to hear that he's engage now I know he's not a threat anymore.

"Congrats man" I shook his hand, "Thanks, oh Kritch here's my gift for you" he handed Kritch a envelope.

"It's a ticket to a resort in Palawan, you two can uh... do your honeymoon there if you like. It's pretty there I promise" Nick said

"That would be great! Right Vince?" Kritch asked me and I just nod even though I don't like the idea.

"That's all I came here, I still have meeting tomorrow morning. See you two some other time? Bye Kritch" Nick hug her, it was a long hug.

Okay! I think he's still a threat!

He broke their hug and looked at me "Treat her well Vince" he said

"Even if you don't tell me that, I will" I said

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