Round One - Group One *CLOSED*

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Round One has begun.

This is Group One.

Please refer to the The Rules for the Competition and Round One should you have any questions.

Anyone can comment. Anyone can contribute.

This is not a popularity contest.

The Judges will make the final decision.

REMEMBER: Round One will judge:




Judging for these eight entries begins now:

slampkin - Tainted Wings

redfae - Jewel of the sea

LemuelMcMillan - Light, Glorious Light

Sevannah_Storm - The Blood of Legends

HM_Braverman - The Dark Heir

PaintingTheRosesRed - Imperial

taivaan_sininen - The 10th Circle - Abyss

YiLinOoi - Two Worlds: Clash of the Guardians

Judging ends Friday, April 5

Groups Three and Four will post Wednesday April 3

Good luck, everyone!

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