Chapter 3*

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My world didn't match the outside world. I lived in a nonsensical reality where a young girl like me could have tea with Lena Horne, have a private show with Sinatra and get it in with Robert Redford.

He looked down at me eagerly, yet he still seemed to have guilt. He was sleeping with the daughter of his best friend. It was all very legal and on a basic level, it all seemed natural for it to have happened. But the confusion of his ties with my father kept rolling through his mind and the cloudiness of his blue eyes showed it.

Were we right? It was hard to tell. But in that moment I had only one thing on my mind and I'd say to hell with what my family thought about it.

*Warning: there's cheek clapation in this chapter so you'd better skip if you're not into that

I unbuckled my bikini top and held it against my chest. Looking into his eyes, I wondered if he truly wanted to do this. Finally, I took it off and placed it on the floor.

He took my breasts into his hand and reached down, leaving a kiss on one of them and licking the other. We both were kissing each other as we backed up. I laid down on the lounge chair and removed my bikini bottoms. Opening my legs to him, I rubbed my heat as he stood there and watched.

Placing my own finger in my heat, I waited as he got off his shorts and boxers. His eyes were glued to my core and his erection sprang up into the open air. Sitting up, I wrapped a hand around his member.

"Fuck." He breathed out as I moved my hand along him. "Where'd you even learn to do that?"

I peered up at him as he watched me move my hand along his shaft. He held my wrist to stop me, then pulled it so I stood up.

"What's the problem?" I asked. There I was, totally naked and about to give it all to Robert yet he wanted to stop.

"I don't know if this is right. I've known you for a long time Donna. How could I do that?" Robert asked and I rolled my eyes.

"Easily." I brought my hand back down to his member and he lifted it again, staring into my eyes. Robert was very in touch with his conscience, that was one thing I could say. He honestly cared about my family, whether they knew about this or not.

"This has been between us for a long time." I walked closer to him. "And we finally have the chance to act on it."

"Are you a virgin?" Robert asked me. I shook my head no, which was the truth. I'd given it to some nitwit in high school. His eyes were hooded as he placed his hands on my waist again, kissing me deeply.

He hummed as we kissed, then lifted me by my ass and wrapped my legs around his torso. With my arms wrapped around his neck, we continued to kiss as he took me into my room. Laying me on the bed, he stroked my core as he stared at it with a hunger I haven't seen before.

Then, he laid on top of me and placed his tip at my entrance. He pushed it in, his mouth gaping as I closed around him. But, he didn't move. I furrowed my eyebrows and pushed down on his ass, causing him to shake his head and pull out.

"We need a condom." He said as he stood up and looked around. "Do you have one?"

"A what?" I asked with furrowed eyebrows. He scoffed then ran out onto the balcony in his quest for protection. I laid there waiting for him, brushing a piece of lint off of my breast then opening my legs to look between my legs.

I was filled with fright when I heard someone at the door. I quickly went under the bed sheets to cover myself up.

"Sweetie?" My mother asked on the other side.

"Don't come in!" I shouted at her awkwardly. Then I looked to my open balcony door in anticipation of Robert to return with his mysterious "condom".

"What do you mean? Are you okay?" My mother asked on the other side of the door. Robert, who was totally naked, returned and began walking through the balcony door.

I began waving hectically at him. No! Go away! Stop! Go!

He got the message from the expression on my face, then quickly ran back onto the balcony.

"Honey, are you okay?" My mother asked once again.

"I'm fine, mom! I'm just naked I'm about to take a shower." I announced to her. "I'm sticky."

"You act like I didn't change your diapers." She said sarcastically on the other side of the door. I prayed she wouldn't open that door. "Alright, I was just telling you to come downstairs but we can wait on you."

"Great!" I shouted out. I heard her footsteps walk away and then pushed the bed sheets off of my body. Robert must've been too creeped out by that encounter. I sadly made my way to the bathroom within my bedroom, then shut the door.

Standing in front of the mirror, I looked at my naked body. My nipples were hard, my pussy was still pulsating and I was all alone.

A yelp escaped my lips as a door on the opposite side of the bathroom opened.

It was Robert, who was wearing the same emotion of disappointment on his face. He was still very much naked and his cock was still on alert.

"It's a jack and jill bathroom between our bedrooms..." I observed as he stood there in shock at the sight of me. Without a word, he seductively kept eye contact with me as he shut the door behind him.

Then, his hand went to his member as he walked toward me, slowly stroking his condom covered erection. I pushed my ass out, holding onto the bathroom counter in front of me for leverage. He grinned as he stood behind me.

We both looked forward at the mirror in front of us, I looked at his face and he looked at mine. My eyes closed as his hand came to one of my breasts, he kissed my neck deeply.

"Rob..." I breathed out as he entered himself in me from behind. He stood still for a moment, his hand slowly making its way between the valley of my breasts, over my torso and to my clitoris. My lips parted as his fingers made circular motions over the sensitive area, then his fingers rolled over the skin that was wrapped around his cock.

"Are you ready?" He asked into my ear, bringing my earlobe between his teeth.

"Come on and fuck me, Robert." I told him, earning one thrust. I gasped as he thrusted again, and once more, until finally he continuously moved in and out of me. He slipped out for a moment, then placed himself back inside and continued his pounding. The feeling of his cock sliding back and forth inside of me was exquisite, unlike any other experience with past guys.

Finally, I felt him tense behind me. His member pulsated and he moaned out. Robert's nails sunk into my hips as he came, his forehead resting onto my shoulder as his hips convulsed stiffly.

Pulling himself out of me, he looked up at me in the mirror and his fingers ran across the thick web left between my thighs. He pressed lightly on my back, causing me to lean further down then disappeared from the reflection of the mirror as he descended toward the floor.

I looked back as I felt his tongue lick all the mess he'd made, slowly and intently. My hips couldn't help but rock against him as he kneeled behind me, licking up my thighs and to my soaking pussy. Finally I came, his tongue flatly licked all that was there.

He stood up and pressed his body against the back of mine once again. We kissed as he was pressed against my back, his finger slowly sliding in and out of me while we stood there.

"Don't tell anyone about this." He asked of me, leaving a messy kiss on my shoulder as he continued to rub my pussy that was now sore. I watched as he suddenly backed away and walked to the nearby shower, opening the door and stepping inside casually.

I turned toward him and leaned my ass against the counter behind me. He took his shower as if it was just any other day. With one final look, I exited to my bedroom where I'd reminisce about the sex we just had.

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