Chapter 13*

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The bed dipped down slightly as someone sat beside me. I didn't care to look up. My mood was too upset to acknowledge whoever had come into my room. But I soon found out when the hem of my t-shirt was shifted from my hip to my waist. My eyes shut as a warm hand with cold finger tips cupped my heat.

"I told you to get dressed." Robert recalled as his lips lowered to my ear. His hand massaged into my pussy, my lips gaped. "This is hardly dressed."

"What does it matter to you?" I sat up and leaned onto my side. However I faced away from me. My eyes never once touched him since he'd woken me up from my nap. "You were too busy downstairs with Janine."

"And Janine went home." Robert's hand went from my core and cupped my breast under my t-shirt. "Besides, you couldn't compare to her."

Those words came out of his lips so casually, but I wanted so much to believe I was something to him. I glimpsed over my shoulder, but my eyes rested down. "Really?"

"Sure." He answered nonchalantly. "Why else would I leave her to come up here with you?"

"I thought she went home." I finally looked over my shoulder at him. A grin spread across Robert's face.

"I've been up here longer than you thought. Just... watching you sleep." He answered. Then he touched my chin. "I thought you liked when I paid you visits?"

"I do." I answered quickly, moving my body so that I sat with my legs tucked underneath me in a kneeling position. Robert was now right in front of me. In the moment I lifted my t-shirt off, revealing my naked body as if to offer myself to him.

Laying back down, I laid on my side as if on a lounge chair. My head was propped up by my bent hand. Robert didn't seem to be moving forward with things. Embarrassment washed over to me. Slowly I rolled onto my stomach, his eyes watched my backside as I rolled again so I faced away from him. My feet bent in front of me toward my chest.

My core was greeted by a finger stroking back and forth right between my lips. My eyes shut as the object of my desire stroked me from behind without saying a word. It's almost as if we couldn't look at each other. As if the act of us giving into what we wanted was to be treated like a confessional. My chest rose as his finger slowly circled around my entrance. The tip of it dipped in, my wetness dripped out.

He brought that finger to my lips. I brought it between my lips and sucked it. His finger returned to my core again, this time sticking in deeper. No longer could I hold my head up on my hand, my bent arm went limp as I laid down totally on my side. His finger exited my core and he placed his hand over me. I opened my mouth, ready to taste myself for his delight again. But no, he decided to run his finger along my swollen nipple.

It felt cold and hot all at the same time. I watched as the cream glistened on my skin. My body turned onto its back just so he could have more access. His large hand gripped my breast as he lowered his lips toward it. My eyes shut and one of my legs bent up as my nipple was sucked between his lips. His tongue licked my sensitive nipple.

My eyes glimpsed over to his waist. I could see how hard he was through his slacks. My core involuntarily clenched at the sight of it. I moved my hand toward my core, stroking the wet mess he'd made. He grabbed my wrist and brought my mouth to his lips, sucking each finger. Determined to consume every part of me. He was damned good at it.

I looked down as he spread my thighs, bending over my pussy from where he sat beside me. His face was in front of it upside down almost in a lopsided 69 position. I lifted my hips to him to meet his lips, not willing to wait any longer. He only held me down, making me practically beg for him. Once he was satisfied with how much I wanted him, he crouched down and his lips met with my core.

I pressed my hands against the headboard above my head as he licked and sucked me. My hips slightly tilted up at every other moment as his tongue pleased me. Once it began circling my clit, my hand slapped onto his shoulder as I held on for the ride. His tongue when down to my entrance, then back to my clit. Afterwards I released.

Robert took off his clothing.

Next thing I knew, he was climbing on top of me. My legs opened to greet him. He huffed as he eased his way into me. I pressed on my his backside as he made his way in. Our lips connected as he paused for a moment, waiting for me to adjust to him. Then he began to move, my core tightening around him. He let out grunts and moans that he attempted to control.

His hands clasped with mine as his thrusted. I didn't want him to stop. Neither did he. His face nuzzled into my neck. I bit my lip as the bed continued to creek. Finally he slid out, his member still hard and swollen. I finished him with my hand and watched the nectar drip onto my thigh in front of me.

With my finger, I swiped it and sat up. Just like I'd done a little while ago, he took it between his lips. I kissed him, glad he complied. His member began to get limp between his legs, already serving its purpose.

The sweat across my skin was welcomed as I laid down, it was already so hot on that day. He slid in next to me, pulling me close to his body. We laid in the bed for hours, looking at each other. Being together. Sleeping on and off. Finally his eyes shut one last time after his lips rolled across mine. He was asleep for good. I decided to do the same.

When I woke up that evening, I was alone.

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