Chapter 7

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Robert held my hand as we both scurried across the beach. We continued to hear the voices of the people coming forward. I began to recognize them, it was my parents. My mind was swarmed with the fear that they may have found out my naughty secret.

My thoughts were abruptly ended by Robert tugging me behind a tree.

My naked body shook as I pressed my back to the tree. Robert, also standing naked next to me, continued to hold my hand as he looked back in the direction of our belongings. Looking to me, he pressed his hand above my head on the tree behind me. His bicep was practically touching my ear as I looked up at him.

"Listen, I'm gonna make a run for it and grab or things before they get to them. You stay here." He whispered as he leaned down near me. I looked in his eyes and sucked in a nervous breath, then nodded unsurely. After leaving a soft kiss on my lips, he ran off into the other part of the woods.

As I waited nervously, my eyes hit a nearby mongoose that was eating off of a bush. It looked at me and I stared back. My conscience almost bothered me, as if the animal knew of my lack of clothing. I crossed my arms over my bare breasts and pressed my thighs together.

"Here." Robert's husky voice whispered to me as he returned. I grabbed my clothes from him and began putting them on. After I put on my shirt, I looked around for my underwear.

"Where's my draws?" I hectically looked back. Before I could run over, Robert pressed his hands on my shoulders to keep me against the tree.

Robert slowly leaned down until he was level with my core, staring at it. Then, his eyes peered up at me for a moment, before turning down towards his clothes on the ground. Slowly he slipped my underwear of the pocket of his pants that laid in a pile.

His large hand was placed on my thigh as he slowly leaned into my core. He kissed it softly with closed eyes, then licked my clitoris slowly. A warmth ran over my body once again, he'd managed to turn me on when I was just calming down.

His fingers looped around the ends of my panties as he stretched it in front of my feet. Looking down at him, I placed my hand on his shoulder for balance while slowly stepping into them. His hands slid the soft underwear up my legs. My skin tingled as his fingers ran along my hips to adjust them onto me.

My chest rose and fall tensely, I placed a hand on my stomach in an effort to slide it down to my core. He held my wrist, then placed a soft kiss on the inside of my palm. After kissing my palm with attentiveness, he slowly left a kiss on the fabric on my panties that covered my core.

His metal chain clinked as he stood up straight with his pants in hand. His blue eyes kept eye contact with me as he got his pants on. I looked at his muscular arms as his hands bent toward the zipper of my pants. I got my shorts on as well. As he stood in front of me, I couldn't help but admired his body. My hand slid down his abs lightly, earning a grin from him.

It was almost as if he was laughing at my innocence, he found it enduring. After shrugging on his shirt, he stepped closer toward me and began kissing me deeply. His hand cupped my chin as he kissed me, but suddenly our moment was interrupted.

"He must be here, his camera is here!" My father said as his voice got louder and louder. Robert immediately stepped back, his jaw clenched as he looked toward where the voice was coming from. "Robert?"

Robert stepped onto the other side of the tree and met my dad before he could even notice me.

"Eddie!" Robert smiled. My father kept walking forward, Robert began backing up until he stood in front of me. "What's, uh, what's going down?"

"Well, Donna fell off the face of the earth so we came looking for her down here. What are you doing..." My father began, but then he noticed me standing there. My back was still against the tree, my body was still feeling the after shocks of Robert's seduction.

"Sweetie? What are you doing down here with Robert?" My father held Robert's camera in his hand. I stared at it hard, wishing I could just grab it away from him. Suddenly, another set of footsteps began coming over.

"Eddie?" My mother shouted out as she found her way toward us.

"Baby, she's been here with Rob." My father told her. My mom walked around the tree to look at me. She placed her hand on my arm.

"Honey, we've been looking all over for you." She said in a low tone. Then, she looked Robert up and down. "What have you two been doing down here?"

My lips parted but I was at a loss for words. Robert was totally calm, he easily explained exactly what had happened.

"Well, I came down here and found Donna so I decided to take some photos of her." Robert smiled. My spine tingled at the memory of the nude photos Robert had snapped of me just moments before.

"That's nice of you, Rob." My father smiled. "You're gonna have to give us a copy when they're developed."

"Of course!" Robert grinned. I was in awe of how he was able to parlay that fiasco into a totally normal situation.

"I know it's getting dark, but I was going to head down to the golf course just to see what they have for us there. We haven't had man to man time this whole trip!"

"Let's head over!" Robert grinned as he stepped toward my father. My dad handed him over the camera, then Robert smiled and patted his back. The two men walked off basking in their friendship.

My eyes went to my mother at the sound of her voice. "What kind of pictures were you and Robert taking?"

"Just... photos." I answered quietly.

"Photos, huh?" My mother asked. "Even up to a few moments ago when the camera was on the ground so far away?"

"He placed it down while we looked for another spot to shoot." I lied way too easily. My mother squinted at me as she nodded. "We've been taking photos this whole time."

"It's funny how you say you've even taking photos this whole time." My mother crossed her arms. "It's pretty dark out right now."

"So?" I asked out if honest curiosity.

"So, he didn't even have a flash bulb on the camera." My mother noted. I didn't have an answer or an explanation.

"I guess those photos won't develop well, then." I answered quietly taking my back off the tree. As I walked away from my mother, she stopped me by calling my name.

"Donna." She spoke out. I stopped in my tracks and froze for a moment. Slowly turning around, I looked to my mother.

"Yes?" I answered.

"Your shorts are crooked." She informed me. After adjusting the waistband on my shorts, I began walking back to the house. I couldn't tell exactly what my mother meant by that exchange. All I could think about were fantasizes with Robert.

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