FAQs (updated 16/3/19)

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What is Reading MAMA?

It's actually a club or you could say a movement to gather the undiscovered authors together to promote their stories. In one word Watt Library.

Who are handling this profile? May I know their names?

We're sorry we cannot disclose our identities. But if there will be a chance in the future then we might. But we are also writers from wattpad aiming to discover great books.

How many admins are there in this movement?

We have three admins including the founder and excluding seven judges.

What is its aim? How does it work?

The aim is to discover great books and get them promotion in this vast site.
Reading MAMA is collaborating with other communities and clubs to get the authors even the clubs or communities get recognition through shutout.

Is it collaborating with wattpad?

No, definitely not. Our work is dedicated to wattpad.

How to join the campaign?

Not much to do only tagging. Tag #Readingmama in your book's hashtag and add the official golden sticker on your cover to join the camp and support it.


What is the contest about?

Reading MAMA hosted the award to promote the campaign and also to promote the winners. As we have different way of entry and result it might take time with limited judges.

How the books will be judged?

For the first round, the judges will read your first two chapters and will judge on the basis of your grammar, typos and style.
For second round, the judges will read the next two or three chapters to judge your plot, pace, voice and originality.

Are there will be first, second and third place winners?

No, as this award is to gather the best undiscovered authors and their works, we will have more than one winners however, they will not be in any place. We will mention their special titles.

Can I submit a book with any no of pages and with any genre?

Yes and no. You can submit any genres but your book has to have at least four chapters except for poetry and short stories.

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