the white violin

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"The ties that bind you together make you stronger than you are alone

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"The ties that bind you together make you stronger than you are alone."

They had made it. Barely. Stumbling into the grand Icarus Theatre like they were children again wholly unprepared for a mission. Only this time, it wouldn't be a scolding from Dad and a week without television, but the end of all life on earth as they knew it.

No pressure.

Music swelled and the air seemed alive with it; a lullaby that thickened each breath inhaled; a cascading symphony that almost illuminated each and every particle which floated past, as though alive from the sound of strings.

"What now?" Thea asked nervously, peering around them. The hallways were deserted, as well as the front desk and reception. If not for the music, she would have thought it abandoned. It was only as she peeked inside of the concert hall that she saw shadowed heads along each aisle, so still and motionless despite the captivating music.

Before Luther could answer her, he was interrupted by Allison's fervent tapping against her notebook. Words were scribbled on the page. You can't go. You'll scare her.

"We don't have time to consider her feelings right now, Allison."

"I'll go," Thea volunteered quickly, explaining when they looked ready to argue. "No – listen to me. Ally's right. If any of you–" here, she pointed at Luther, Diego and Klaus respectively, "–go up, you'll only spook her. She needs to see a friendly face."

"And that's you?"

"Who exactly tried to aid her escape?" she snapped.

Diego determinedly avoided her gaze, but Allison was nodding along with a smile.

You can do this. She had written on her notepad, showing it to Thea. We need to help her, not hurt her.

"I know," the blonde said. "I've already made it clear enough that I won't let Vanya be hurt, haven't I?"

"And do you honestly believe she's just going to listen?" Luther asked, looking unconvinced and overall unwilling to allow Thea to leave. Unfortunately for him, she was unrelentingly stubborn.

"She just wants somebody to listen," Thea reminded him. Why was it so easy for them to only see the villain in their sister, and not the scared young woman lashing out? Unwilling to allow herself to be deterred any further, Thea ignored Luther to peer into the concert hall. "I've always been on her side," she whispered, staring at the lone figure on the stage.

After a moment of silence and tense looks exchanged, Luther sighed. "Fine," he relented. "But we still need to apprehend her if this all goes sideways."

"Don't act until I give the signal," Thea warned, glaring one final time to make her point clear. "Got it?"

At the collection of nods, Thea slipped out through the door and heard it close behind her. The sound of her siblings disappeared, overcome by the sound of music.

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